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There has been a growing trend of Self righteous, Atheist, Social Justice Warriors, who are (in the main) RegressiveLefties, appearing on Social media.(YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

They share characteristics such as

Focussing on one subject of contention (*Feminism) and linking everything to it.
Cult like behavior.
Self justification.
Deliberately condescending to those they think have less qualifications or lower IQ than themselves.
Self identify as the wronged party.
Silencing the opposition.
Safe space supporters.
Group reinforcement is a matter of fact. Eg; someone will come out with an idea that fits their ideology.Then they will have someone agree and then share it around. Anyone who disagrees and despite earlier solidarity with other issues, will be turned upon, until they agree or become the victim of group blocking.
They have a desire to be so inoffensive that it’s cringe worthy.
Blocking out criticism.
Dismissive remarks to deflect away from the fact that they have no answer.
Thinking their way is the only way.
Thinking the amount of followers they have validates their position.
Adopt a champion that they try to emulate.
Advocate ‘them and us’ attitudes to anyone who will listen and do not accept middle way or nuances.

They may not have all of these, but the main one is blocking out criticism.
It goes like this
They’ll post a YouTube video on a subject.
Someone(B) will disagree.
They’ll post a reply, which will distort what the other person said and proceed to tackle that.
The someone(B) will address this and explain and restate their original position.
Also, a person(C) who previously supported the YouTuber will agree with the someone(B) and then The YouTuber sees that they have lost the argument, made a fool of themselves or lost credibility and support, double down and indulge an emotional snap judgement by blocking both.
They are only interested in perpetuating their viewpoint. They are not freethinkers, who will sit back and think about what the other person said.

The *Feminism that they expand is not gender egalitarianism, it is more a Marxism for female elitists. While whining about the supposed Patriarchy, they actually want to install a thought controlling matriarchy.

Women in war.

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I’ve been blocked(again!)

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Yup, blocked again….

By Whom?, I hear you ask.


Just a godless Matriarchal Marxist Youtuber that I thought I had good interactions and a commonality of thought with.
Someone that I stumbled upon and then whose videos I really liked. Great content and I thought, on track for a good future in the atheist community.
Not now…I don’t think she’ll reach 10,000 twitter followers or 15,000 YouTube subscribers( Figures that I said to her,that I expected her to gain.). I was very enthusiastic about her channel. Much better than the plagiarizing jaclynglennLtd© for instance.

It’s Kristi Winters, friend of Steve Shives. (Yeah, I know, I don’t have to say anything more than that!)

Just to say, I predict her channel will experience large peaks and troughs in subscription numbers..

Anyway..what’s it all about this time?

It went pear shaped after I supported another YouTuber. I supported Noelplum because Ms Winters declared that she would apply an Academic Level critique of one of his videos. They had been having a video and response situation going on for some while. Anyway, her academic level response was poor. It was a hangout. No citations. No linking to noels videos. No time stamped clips and an “expert” who admitted they had only read one book on the subject!
She even complained that Noel couldn’t criticise her criticism of him!
On this one video….i agreed with noel.The consequence of this was that she removed me from her “Can you believe this S**t?” Facebook group.
I did ask why and had no reply.
Bit later on, on another video, the subject of “safe spaces” came up..and as she had booted me out of her group & was proof that she tolerated no dissenting members, while slating others for doing the same thing, I thought it was best to mention this.
Hypocrisy is something easy to call out, in this the era of the screenshot and video download.


..…i’d also made justified comments about her friends.
Should have unfollowed her in April 2016.Nevermind.
Just to add as an update- she deleted my reply from her comments section. Guess my ‘lying’ factual narrative didn’t match up to her sectarian thinking.

Anyway, her memory of me ‘lying’ may be a complete artificial projection based on her anger for my supposed “betrayal”.A book by Julia Shaw called ‘The Memory Illusion’ explains this. She probably hasn’t read it, so she has no idea what I’m on about.
Read the book!


Update 19th June 2016- all comments are disabled.
Lucky, i screenshot everything important 🙂




I’d like to mention that she loves’s to use words like “dudebros” & “creationist”. It’s new thing that she does…Everyone who disagrees with her is guilty of “creationist thinking”…yet she is the one that can be seen as a regressive creationist!
Also, as pointed out by
It’s not us, Ms Winters…it’s you!


I published in a public forum to show your inability to admit that you booted me for my agreement with someone else on your badly researched and presented video! .
You never mentioned “my lying ways” before that! You were butthurt that someone who promoted you on twitter, supported you by linking your videos and praising you up to other feminists on twitter had the audacity to …oh my Gawd ….gasp shock…… think that you got it wrong!

And then you got petty, by booting me out of your group! Nah nahna nah nah…not playing with my ball tonight!

From YouTube. Two telling comments.

“High opinion of herself”

“Dudebro who couldn’t spell”

She is lying that I made up a story. I reacted to what she said. My responses were rational and honest.
The facts are correct.
1- I said her support of Laughing witch, a YouTuber that caused a YouTube storm with Thunderfoot, was misplaced.I mentioned the $25,000 issue.(Those who followed this drama knows what I’m on about. Type in Laughing Witch, letter campaign and Thunderfoot- it’s all there. Follow noel plum 99’s channel and search for relevant videos) I said this to her in a tweet. Fact and I was right.
2- I suggested a way for Steve Shives to lance his personal nemesis, the #BlockedByShives hashtag, and to stop using the blockbot that blocked people that never interacted with him (and who may agree with him)…… which he then blocked me for doing so, ‘cos who needs good advice? Fact and I was correct.
3- I said she was wrong about noelplum°° on ONE particular video. I don’t usually comment on one side or another, but her reasoning was way off. Fact and I was correct.
4- I said I could see a time when she would block me, ‘cos she supports Steve Shives and I had disagreed with him. I said she was only waiting for an excuse to do so.
Fact and I was correct.

What was I lying about? I took THE TRUTH of what happened and the things involved TO public forum, BECAUSE I received NO reply or short explanation to why I had been booted from her group. I knew the answer….it was the only answer…but she’s a coward to admit to it…-my supposed disloyalty. I wanted her to say it so, cos I would say “you say I’m disloyal over the fact I sided with noelplum, when he was correct in his criticism of your video? Are you for real?”

I see that AS loyalty…instead of saying “yes, you are totally correct in everything you say”, I said she was wrong.
Don’t surround yourself with Yes men and women.
We know Shives Echochambers himself, why did you have to go do it as well?
Most people would say “okay, I’ll have another look and try to see your point of view and I’ll either change my view or giver you better answers”
Did this happen? No, I had silence…a refusal to answer me.
I left it…till I saw her saw comment about feminist critics and atheists(some) having creationist type thinking, ignoring and blocking criticism and facts….. I thought – pot. kettle. black.

She doesn’t mention Gender egalitarianism much, just a Matriarchal Marxism. What do they do to criticism of their ideology and their methods?….block people and say “they were blocked because of dishonesty”
1984-like speak…truth is lies, echochambering is freedom and our mutual reinforcement of our ideas is consensus.

Just asking
..who has a thinner skin than certain members of a section/cult of 3rd wave Social Justice warrior intersectional strident, we can’t take criticism or truth, without blocking it, matriarchal Marxist atheists, who peddle a rehashed atheism+ narrative?

No one, that’s who. These are academics and adults, believers in a toxic brand of modern feminism, who can’t have a different point of view presented to them. Many creationists, not all, at least allow critical comments to remain, for all to see. They think they are so in the right, that its not worth the effort. Even Ken Ham and Ray Comfort have let my atheist/evolution comments, on twitter, remain.
Even them!
With this Shives regressive Feminism however-
You agree with another academic- blocked. They double-down.
You present a better argument than theirs- ad hominems come your way and blocked.
You point out their logic fails- blocked and accused of lying.
You add comments, well thought, balanced ones, (maybe a bit scathing to their YouTube comments section – it’s disabled.

It’s a case of – “the way I say things are, is the only way it must be viewed! You step out of line, even if you are right and you’re gone gone gone away, buddy!

I posted this on my Facebook –



This goes to show that I asked politely and that I thought she was being petulant.
I think by blocking me on Twitter,this only gives more proof that she is petulant and misrepresenting the whole drama.
I think if more people saw how she presents herself in the comments sections of YouTube, that her Twitter following would shrink.

My mistakes-i obviously held out doggedly for a response I clearly wasn’t going to get.
I should have unfollowed you from all your Social media in April 2016., but I didn’t want to be like Shives, as I believe in dialogue!

The last comments section interaction here–++


About her calling me a liar. She is lying about me being a liar. This is clear. It’s a way for her to give justification to herself for slating me for being critical of her friends. [ We’re in High School again!] I’m sure that 12,000+ twitter followers would not follow me, if I was a liar.

“And now the whining starts”
What a dismissive way to speak to someone! Haughty, full of themselves. Pompous.
If that’s how you are with people, actually I’m having thoughts that I’m really glad that I’m unfollowing you.
IF whining is presenting my perspective of how I see things in a truthful manner and which contradicts you….then “okay, if it makes you feel good about yourself and soothes your bruised ego, call it whining!”
My “lie” is that I correctly laid my facts out and she didn’t like them.
My story shows what I did, why I did it, explains my reason and where I was correct.
Jay was fine…?
You didn’t explain my expulsion to him. You announced that I had been been ejected. He may have said “gotcha”, but that was to the message, not agreeing that I should be booted out of the group.





This is unnecessary, but I have to get it out of my system. You, dear reader, must understand.
Maybe I’m mansplaining and bitter!
(Jeez, give me strength!)
I write this unscripted and without checking. If there are spelling mistakes, please forgive me. It’s just thoughts on this matter bubbling up.
I don’t want anyone to unfollow her or unsubscribe …..

Totally up to you.Judge for yourself.

I also don’t want any trolling. I do not condone or endorse it.
However, videos that show and prove my points about her, can be tweeted.
I’ve noticed that i’m actually behind everybody on this. Many Youtubers have called here out and pointed out errors.
Most YouTube comments section say the same thing as this…

“she was a great YouTuber with great atheist content, but due to her revealing her condescending manner, when talking about feminism, she’s lost all standing, with me.”

She supped from the cup of Shives.

Blinkered thinking.

Yup…all of that!

She often talks of Safe spaces….by blocking me…she creates her own.

One thing about this is that she can not use her usual stick….”you’re a misogynistic fuck” as I am a feminist (& Anērist) and i greneraly agree with her contention that there’s patriarchal norms in religion, economic and political spaces. The “old boys network”.
I’m followed by Green feminists, Labour feminists and Democratic party feminists. I don’t follow or subscribe to any MRA channels. I think many of the things Sargon has said is not what I would have said. I’m now following him, because I didn’t when subscribed to her.
Thinking about it, that goes some way in disproving her disloyalty accusation right there!
I didn’t follow THE biggest atheist and rationalist( not on everything) on YouTube, ‘cos she didn’t! It’s only when I didn’t toe their red lines, that I got it. They are controlling and believe they have the truth.
I think that’s why it was vital to her, critical even, that I said something against’s so she could seize upon it and use it to boot me.
She presents it like a 1940s movie about a gentle Upper class Socialite, finding out her beau had gorn orf to town and was seen by Reggie with another….
“Oh, Sebastian, you have wronged me! You must go now…I must close my door against you”

“How fucking dare you? You knew Noel and I are fighting for the heart and soul of the atheist and rationalist community and ..aaaghhh…you go and agree with him! I won’t admit that he’s right! I won’t admit that my expert was pathetic,that I misuse the citations and I don’t add timed clips in my video’s”. You’re out of my Facebook group,’cos I can’t trust you to agree with everything I fucking say! You might make me look stupid! I’m a fucking academic. Haven’t you seen my Social science PhD?”

[Jeepers, you play your games!
& ..if it makes you feel better about yourself!]

I support 1st wave, 2nd wave and most 3rd wave feminism( especially the Kurdish expression) and there’s a hint of a coming 4th wave, which I think is virtually Humanism and meritorious. Why not call it Gender egalitarianism and be done with the divisions? This is what I do.
The divisions are mainly to do with their type of thinking, which is “if you don’t agree with us…you are an idiot. Reassess your view and if you agree-you are in. If you continue to criticise and show we can’t reassess OUR views, you will be blocked, using fake excuses and shitty explanations”.
That she aligns with a serial pre-blocking, Atheist+, regressive, Steve Shives should speak volumes. They are CreationistFeminists – they cleave to the worst of 3rd wave feminism uncritically. That they don’t see we have entered the 1st wave of Gender Egalitarianism only highlights their blinkered thinking.


Given her supposed strident feminism, (I think she is more Matriarchal Marxist, than a proper classic feminist), you would think she’s embraced all the positive news to do with feminism….
Not one video in support of #KurdishFeminism* .The greatest feminist movement in the Middle East. Armed feminists, fighting IslamoFascist misogyny.I tweet about it all the time. I asked her many times to make one
I sincerely hope she still does.
Her response to one request. (truth)… “I don’t want to”.
I explained that a good video about this subject would gain her loads of Kurdish support. I would have tweeted and posted it in the Kurdish groups i’m involved in.
“I don’t know enough” was another response…Yeah, well if you didn’t spend time on ThunderFootToxicTarPit (a known professional provocateur) you would have plenty of time to read up about it!

Not one good video about freeing women in Saudi Arabia.
The comment that “western and euro Centric feminism is toxic” is true. Introverted and sectarian.
I don’t agree with some who say “Feminism is cancer” as it mocks votes for women(1st wave), rights for women in the workplace(2nd wave), reproductive freedom and equality(3rd wave).
You get this type of Feminist rubbishing other women for speaking out against their ideology. WTF?
Videos about Chinese and African women and their oppression? Nope..Nada!
From my observation, while she does make other videos, some very interesting, she seems only at her happiest with Sargon, Thunderfoot and noel plum response videos.

Fighting the good fight, eh?

Just a load of Lying and Whining actually!

°°Just to say- noelplum has been the better YouTuber of the two, when talking about feminism.
*Any female Youtuber, who is a Western 3rd wave SJW intersectional feminist, that hasn’t made a video about #KurdishFeminism … is selling her sisters short!