Here we are in the muddle of 2017….er…middle of 2017…..hmmm..I think I was correct the first time! Anyway, middle, muddle aside….here we are. Antifa to the Far Left, Alt-Right to the …well…Right of me! Where does the Centre begin and end?

The political spectrum is becoming solidified into binary “You are that and we are this and we fucking hate you!”. They are Parallel Universes of ideological combativeness. Failure to stand up in the middle ground means centerism becomes a wasteland of uselessness. Centerism covers the compassionate conservative and the liberal leftie. The position of compromise and tolerance of views.

Yet the middle seems weak. Centrists have the expectation that they are correct with thee moderate view. They aren’t. They need to recognize that the left are correct on the treatment of Muslims and the right are correct on the issue of Islam. They aren’t for changing though.

I propose with all this alt-right, alt-lite and at-left trending..that an Alt-Middle be created to bridge the divide. Maybe we might get the issue at hand, that of Islamic terrorism, discussed in a better, undivided way!

Neither Right, nor Left…yet ever onwards! 

Theryn 1

Danielle 0

#facepalm Don’t have a beard. Don’t look like you are not trying to be more feminine. I’ll call you she/her yet I think my raised right eyebrow will be transphobic, incredulous and WTF all at the same time! Sorry. 

There’s truth in this video. Don’t be too Conservative though. Too may consevatives tighten up society. Maybe it’s all about the pendulum of societal norms and we have now reached the end of the swing to the Left?

The swingback begins with Transgender traditionalists?

Don’t agree with him on most things, yet I’d let them continue. I’m not Youtube though.


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What’s Anarcho-Seymourism?

It’s an idea that is based between Anarcho-Primitivism and Capitalist industrialization. Since the total re-wilding of the planet is unrealistic and continued econonic growth is untenable, what is the best way for humanity to exist on this planet?

I feel it is limiting government influence, enhancing municipalism and creating a self suffient, low carbon, ecologically harmonious society. Food is a vital need for humanity, yet modern industrial agricultural practises are causing the desertification of fields. This must be avoided. John Seymour’s book must be a guide for this movement and in joint operation with Anarcho-Asatruism….we can create a better world. 

A mixture of anarcho-primitivism, return to the land, heritage and horticulture, anarcho-pacifism, libertarian socialism, Democratic Confederalism, small holdings, organic farming, ecological movements(Green Party) and the above Anarcho-Seymourism. 

John Zerzan

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He may think he’s an anarchist, he may have an anarchist ideology as a foundation, yet what he is to me is an industrialophobe. Utopian and passively, a genocidalist. In order for his vision to come to reality…the shrinking of a 7 billion humanity to a the leanest permaculture and sustainable population possible is unachievable. He may however have some good criticisms about industrial capitalist societies that should be listened to.