Godless_Mom unfollowed me!

Posted: November 11, 2021 in Uncategorized

“When They Go woke, then they unfollow me!”

I’ve been a long time follower of GM. I’ve liked her content for a long time. I’ve appreciated her following me and her convos and RTs. Over many YEARS! I’ve retweeted her many, many times.


It seems (guessing here)that my criticism of various topics such as the mantra of ‘TWAreW’, the chalk and cheese\seemingly cantankerous discussions with GE_Kaitlyn(Wokeist and cantankerous liberal, wife of Godless_Engineer), my anti pronouns in bio stance and refusal to accept the Woke ‘Gendered Souls’ ideology, is now too much and she’s unfollowed, with no thought to explain why. (I don’t mind pro or con feedback!)

Now, she might have been tidying up.who she follows, as I am doing, yet I don’t think that’s the reason. Even since I took sides with Michael Sherlock (A Blunt and Belligerent Anti-Woke atheist), over the situation that I call the Battle between the Atheist Orgs, I think this has been on the cards.

Bit sad at this, yet…..that’s the way it is.

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