Just a moan.

Posted: January 19, 2021 in Uncategorized

Twitter is a busted game for me. I tweet and I get very little feedback, except for the regulars. Other accounts with less followers and less years under their belt, get likes and Retweets in the hundreds. I tweet a good comment to a well known celeb and I get 380 impressions and 1 like. Twitter algorithms are crushing my reach or a deliberate restriction is on my account, I’m 80% sure of it.

I had an analytic years ago that predicted a rise to 18,000 followers. I’m actually decreasing even though I get 1 or 2 new followers a week. The general trend is downward. I’m on 14, 144 followers. Last year I had 15.2k.

I think my purge on my Who I follow list has contributed to some decline since I’ve unfollowed accounts, they’ve also unfollowed me. Yet this can not explain the radical dive that I see. Even my change of beliefs on certain things can’t account for it, for that was a gradual thing. My views are very centrist and I had few, if any, far left or far right followers, so if broadly keep the liberal minded.

I can only conclude that Twitter has deboosted me or the algorithms gatekeeping game is second to none. I have no reach. Even when retweeted by a bigger account, my replies are limited.I have no settings to restrict feedback on my account. 

I also think that several of my steady friendly accounts have muted me. I tweet things with their @ in and get no reply, even when supportive. This is a bit disheartening. 

Apart from Not tweeting atheist memes, I’m doing nothing different to the tweeting in the good years. I’m retweeting good wholesome stuff, bird, cat, art, flowers and landscape photography and I’m tweeting sensible opinions and yet it’s not being forwarded, picked up or liked in any way how it used to be……so…well

It’s becoming really pointless.

I don’t really appreciate the ppl who name me in Followback Friday lists. Such as “Follow these cool people.” I’m at the point that I’d rather have less followers. 

I really do want less Far Left, illiberal liberals and those still Trump-obsessed democrats following me. Go away! 

I don’t know why any “pronouns in bio” accounts follow me after I’ve railed against all of them so often.

There’s a few accounts that I like and feel I want to continue to interact with (about 200-300) and they are interesting, (& there’s my highly appreciated regulars)

but yeah……I’m very close to locking up the account and only tweeting on a Sunday afternoon or something.

I’ve been on Twitter science August 2012, yet, If I went completely off Twitter, It’s sad to say that i don’t think many would ask “Where’s he gone?” 

I want the Twitter of pre 2016 times back. This one is pathetic! 

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