The twitterers who have gone #FullWerleman

Posted: May 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Answer all of the questions below;-

Do you defend a minority even if that minority oppresses minorities within its own community?

Do you label liberal atheists as “Nazis/Nazi sympathizers” if they defend the right to free speech{even if they disagree with what is said)?

Do you have fantasies about leading the Socialist left in a violent vigilante action against right wingers? 

Do you misrepresent other twitter users as white supremacists when they mock, ridicule and rationally reply to your halfbaked insulting tweets?

Do you block out logical arguments to your ideological and dogmatic poisitions?

Do you despise Dave Rubin?

Do you despise Bill Maher? 

Do you think Sam Harris is a Gross and Racist Islamophobe?

Do you think GSpellchecker (Stephen Knight) is a cypto reactionary atheist who has led the atheist movement into disrepute and is hellbent on a leading innocent godless down a sliding slope to Hitlerism?

Do you mute those “who just don’t think like I do”?

Are you absolutely aghast/jealous/pissed off of the fact that Sargon of Akadd and Thunderfoot have more followers than yourself on Youtube?

Do you think you are Captain America and that you are punching out nazis in your daydreams?

Do you think feminism can not be criticised?

Have you been sidelined by mainstream atheists? 

Are your sources only anecdotal or poorly researched? 

Do you swallow absolutely everything Noam Chomsky says about the USA?

If you said YES to all, or 85%, of the above, then you must be: CJWerleman (obviously) A plagiarist. Glenn Greenwald Resa Aslan Andy Kindler DanArel (apostate to reality, #DesperateDan #DanDanTheViolentAntiNaziMan “Dan “the atheist movement moved away from me!!” Arel”)

And also, #BlockedByShives Kristi Winters. (potato)

or supporters of those so named above!

#RegressiveLeft are willfully ignorant. Become a #RedpilledLeftie instead. 

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