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I think many people don’t understand the word ‘Islamophobia’.

They (Useful idiots) see you criticize Islam in a Tweet/Facebook post and then their response is “You’re an Islamophobic Racist shit” at one end of the scale to just “you shouldn’t hate on Islam”!
And I’m like “WTF? Hatred? Racist ?”

I shake my head and sigh.

How does criticism of a set of ideas, pointing out the mythical things that people follow or my dislike of Holy Book beliefs amount to racism or hatred?

If you use the word Islamophobia, please remember that you are on the wrong side. This is the side that insists blasphemy is a real issue. Blasphemy is not bigotry. Blasphemy is a totally victimless crime. By using that term you are guilty of blurring the distinction. 
You are conflating the denial, or justified criticim, of a belief with the discrimination of a believer. It is a fraudulent term.Its only contribution is to “muddy the waters”!

I have a rational criticism of Islam. I do not hate those who have fallen under the spell of Islam. Any person, indoctrinated or brought up in this belief system, is a decent individual, capable of making good judgements. I do dislike those who would wish to enforce this belief by way of violence, that is -Fundamentalist Muslims. in her book ‘Heretic’ describes them as #MedinaMuslims – expansionist sharia supporters.

What skin colour is Islam? Red? Yellow?
It’s a nonsense term.
What ethnicity or race is Buddhism? “A religion is neither a race or ethnicity”.**

That many ‘Islamophobia is a thing’ advocates equate criticism of Islam with persecution, or racism, against Muslims is indicative of an ideological bias.

The word Islamophobia is an umbrella term which unfortunately covers bigoted old racism against dark skinned people with non racist intellectual discourse on the “Mother lode of bad ideas”*.


The above infographic is from

An example of Islam criticism and Muslimaphobic comment:

A person will have an excellent critique of the Koran with valid statements to the effect “kill all unbelievers” is a hate crime and against Human Rights (Islam criticism) & A member of a right-wing and anti-immigrant group may say “well, all Muslims stink and I want to go into a mosque and rub bacon fat all over the Koran”(Muslimaphobia inspired attack).

If I criticize Scientology, does it make me a racist Scientolophobe?
If I criticize Shintoism, does it make me a racist Shintoaphobe?

No, because many people from all parts of the World follow these religions.
If many people, from all parts of the World, follow a religion that I criticize, I can not be a racist!


#IslamIsNotARace 1.


#IslamIsNotARace 2.


#IslamIsNotARace 3.

Which race am I being hateful towards, when it is a Universal religion?

Thus : Islam is a belief system – You are able to write and speak about in negative terms.
: Muslims are people who have feelings and want to be treated just like you.

A good statement is : I have far more respect for you to have respect for your beliefs.


People use this word ‘islamophobia’ to silence you. It’s that simple. It turns your valid criticism of any religion that is used to reduce people to 2nd class citizens or mindless drones into an ‘ism’ that promotes hate.

The words that should be used to describe those who hate, slander, despise or bully Muslims, or want nothing to do with them, is Muslimaphobic/Muslimaphobia°°. This, like Homophobia, does exist. If it is used against Muslims, from (for example) Pakistan, then it is racist.
I acknowledge Muslimaphobia happens.I have seen it.You can also use the term “Anti-Muslim bigotry”.


Supporting Reformers is critical. infographic


Very interesting articles above. 

I also recommend following

My position;
Islam is not a race.
I do not have a phobia about a set of ideas.


A phobia is an irrational fear of something or someone.


I have a rational dislike of the verses contained in any holy book that forbids females to be who they want to be.

I have a rational dislike of the verses contained in any holy book that says “kill the unbelievers” or “stone the disrespectful child”.

I have a rational dislike of verses contained in any holy book, said by any prophet or the supposed “word of god”, that are plainly out of sync with a Modern, Western, progressive liberal outlook.


* Sam Harris on the Bill Maher Show
** Quoted from tweet – Chile’s Atheist

Islamophobia : a word used by Islamists & Affleckian*° liberals to conflate the proper criticism of a 7th century expansionist religion with xenophobic, hateful and mindless racism in order to silence the former. A word used to silence liberals, who are vocal atheists.

*° named after Ben Affleck ,who famously said “that’s gross, that’s racist” to Sam Harris & Bill Maher.
°° Muslamophobia is also used – with reference to the YouTube video of a drunk EDL (English Defence League)member bringing the word Muslim and Islamic together into one word, when interviewed.

  1. Excellent. Perfect for posting whenever you get called these names rather than endlessly explaining the same points! 🙂

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