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Gay Couple ‘Ordered Off London Bus For Kissing’ –

In this day and age ….What’s wrong with people ? #GLBT 

This Astronaut Wants Us To Live On The Moon –

Absolutely , but have #Mars as another goal . ( suspended for unknown reasons )

/TRobinsonNewEra ( Haven’t made up my mind yet , tho’ this podcast has given me an small insight )


Ricky Gervais talks Atheism and Religion – Opie a…:

Burden of Proof

Quotes from this show



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mtf transsexual transition timeline: 1.5 years of…:

People wonder why I Tweet about Gay , Lesbian ,Bisexual and Trans issues  ,and while I’m not Gay , Bi or have any desire to want to Trans anything , I do sincerely want to help in some way .


By Tweeting vids made by such amazingly brave Youtubers ,as shown by the woman above , this is my way .

Other Trans people #LillyPopFrance ( some vids now private ) Roxy Rose VictoriaAnthony Christiana Ash

Kurdish Exodess (Koraw-کۆڕەو) in 1991 (BBC):

The woman at the end ..Heartfelt & sincere , desperate ….
” we are human you ! ” at 8:16 secs……

I watched this and thought I must research this group of people and found that they were the largest Ethnic grouping , of 25 to 40 million , without a proper state . They had a chance in 1923 , but it was pushed aside by the Allied Powers after 1st World War ,due to Turkeys actions .
The boundaries of Iraq , Syria , Iran , Kuwait , Jordan & Saudi Arabia were drawn with a ” Spheres of Influence ” viewpoint . Britain and France and Iran . This is changing and I hope a democratic ,socialist & Free Kurdistan emerges & that will be allowed to join the UN .




Twitter accounts with pro-Kurd views (Reporter)



#FreeKurdistan #TwitterKurds #Kurds #KurdishAtheists

The Atheist Anthem – A Song for Atheism (The Fru…:

Also , Amazing Science by JaclynGlenn .

You see this all the time on Twitter . You mention that you are an atheist and that you are appalled at what Xtianity has done in history and some Xtian will say – these dictators were atheist .