Arguing for argument’s sake/Trolls & W.O.T ‘s

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This is a personal list and some people listed may Tweet to you in a different way . Most are W.O.T’s . =W.O.T* =W.O.T* = W.O.T* = Poe and a Troll , idiot and ignorant . ( Patrick Embry ) = W.O.T*
Facebook Disciples of the New Dawn
Facebook Father Embry the Foreseer = W.O.T*,/uspo6 = W.O.T* Vera acct = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* as above . = W.O.T* as above . = W.O.T* as above . = W.O.T* = W.O.T*

Anti #WhiteGenocide Troll,/LinuxL3wis = W.O.T* ( Avoid ) He thinks he is a superior debater . Floods your TL with replies .

image = W.O.T* = M.B.S** =W.O.T * = W.O.T* = W.O.T* suspended = W.O.T* =Massive W.O.T* Catholic who tries shifting the conversation to getting you to prove a possible negative ( the deist god ),while claiming there is a theist god , which he’s had personal experience of , but who hasn’t actually ‘spoken’ to him , to say that he can provide evidence of this god to the atheist .
Often laces his tweets with putdowns and ad hominem attacks .Believes atheists are part of gods plan .Also anti- #Gunsense.Also , very high and mighty attitude . Lapdog to the above acct . = W.O.T* Another brickwall , but more able than Rocky in so much that he can avoid questions more easily . = M.B.S** = RT’er of @Sacetdotus = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = FaithHead W.O.T* = Trollish behavior

image = W.O.T*
Rocky is a true Brick Wall amongst Theist Brickwalls & he knows it .He’s polite , but does go on and on – Temporary block suggested ,despite his “Blocking is for wimps ” attitude . Blocking ppl who continually refuse to provide evidence or answer questions is the only option .IRISHBLOKE is far more able than Rocky . = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T** = W.O.T* ( probably wants Jesus to come back & vote Republican ) = W.O.T* = W.O.T**** ( True Love ) can’t take banter / verbal fencing /friendly jibes . /Rizzle Dizzle = Axe to grind with Dawkins …A bit obsessed , I think .

image = it’s Ray “Banana & Bibliophile” ” Comfort . Biggest Troll ever ! = Fence-Sitter , with a Theistic slant = Cosmic nonsense = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T* = W.O.T****


OTHER PEOPLE — Block or Avoid or Understand / Respect their individualistic Twitter rules . – He has a grudge against RichardDawkins .May have other accts .Spam . Avoid . – Please ,Do not use insults or profanity in your tweets. Sensitive .Blocked me Twice .Permanently now . Doesn’t like rebuttals .
Our Twitter History explained in later blog . 4/May/2015
Avoid . – Smart Alec Atheist .Uses sexist language and uses a tweet to say ” cunt spray works well ” , with a picture of a spray with the word Cunt upon it , after blocking you .

Yes , that’s what he’s like .Avoid .

* Waste Of Time ( People who will not use Logic or Reason & people who can’t see,won’t see the atrocities that a so-called loving god inflicts on OT people invalidates the ‘ religion of peace ‘ tag , also ,those people who think swearing or using racist or sexist language will win the argument , also ppl who say one thing do another , also sexist or Racist ppl who can’t see that they use such terms _ also ppl who can’t understand banter or friendly joshing **** )
** May Be Sacer
*** Sacerdotus ( Catholic,who creates multiple accts,even atheist accts to argue with )

**** are Brickwalls provide logical replies and links and evidence , but they avoid , deflect or switch quickly to another question .They fail to answer . Really deluded , may be out to time waste … Just move on from these . Too far gone .

I’ll be adding to this list as I go on.Just avoid,ignore or block the listed names , for anything you say to them will not be listened to.


Sacerdotus aka M.Agosto See Rosarubicondior blog for further info . It seems to be a very complicated thing and I have no wish to involve myself .

  1. Bad Girl Bex says:

    Thank you for this! If only I had gotten the memo about some of them earlier. I had to put Rocky on mute because he was flooding my notifications with sooooo many Tweets, it was getting impossible to see and reply to other people; people I actually wanted to speak with. I don’t even know where he came from.’ He just rocked up in them one day, spewing forth his endless cycle of well-rehearsed religiobot soundbites and then continued to come back every night, for three or four nights in a row, trotting out the same Tweets, like some kind of shiny-eyed automaton!

    I shall be bookmarking this page for future reference, because I’m sure each and every one of these fruitcakes will be turning up in my TL or notifications at some point in the near-future!

    Much love


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