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What is Anērism?

Anērism is simply the word that describes the position of supporting the rights and equality of men.
Anērism seeks to create movements and ideologies that share a common goal:to define, establish and achieve equal political, economic, personal and social rights for men. An Anērist advocates or supports the rights and equality of men.
Anērism, like feminism (1st and 2nd wave , also known as classic feminism & true 3rdWave feminism, which is now known as KurdishFeminism**) is for everyone.
The word itself comes from the Greek word for male/men and not for mankind(humanity)([1]citation above,within picture)

The only other use of the word Anerist, without the ‘ē’ and thus really a different word, is in Python scripts for computer build bots.([2]citation needed here)

Anērism and Anērist, with a ‘-‘ above the e, is a fresh word that has the potential to split the misogynistic MRA’s and also the misandrious 3wFeminists from the Gender egalitarianist community.
Those females that reject 3rd wave SJW°°° feminism & also believe we already live in a meritocratic society and who overcome outdated views through just challenging societal norms (women who are, to coin a phrase, “just doing it for” themselves attitude) are natural Gender egalitarianists. We welcome them and support them.

Anērism is equality, for men alongside women.In fact, they are two sides of the same coin. The coin of gender egalitarianism.

I would describe myself as Gender Egalitarianist, for I am both feminist and Anērist. It is an umbrella term that covers all but a few types of viewpoints.
These 5 viewpoints are:

1-Western 3rd wave OpinionFascist feminists. They believe gender egalitarianism will be achieved with the promotion of ONLY feminism. They believe gender egalitarianism is not the default position and the concept of “men’s rights” in an already patriarchal society is simply used as a trojan horse to attack their feminist views.
They lack critical thinking and boldly assert things as fact.
My view is that Gender Equality is the umbrella term and the common goal of feminism and Anērism. Gender egalitarianism is in fact better called Humanism, but due to the unnatural splits caused by religious patriarchy and conservative laws, we are left with divisions that need healing.

2-Feminist misandrists. They are feminists who want a strongly matriarchal society.
3-Male feminists who are incapable of receiving criticism and who do not criticise feminism and do not advocate rights for men.

4-Men’s Rights Advocates who use misogynistic terms and who do not acknowledge the existence of the “old boys network” in religious, political and economic elites.
5-Female Anērists who are incapable of receiving criticism and who do not criticise Anērism or do not advocate rights for women.

Are MRA’s Anērists? – yes, though those who are misogynistic or deliberately deflect a legitimate question about feminism into one about men aren’t necessarily true to its values.

Are Anērists just pale versions of MRAs? – no, we do not subscribe to the joke terms of menism or machismoism, which, if they are taken seriously, do not allow for female equality. These two terms have been used in MRA discussions.([3]citation required here) As stated above, if you consider yourself as pro-gender equality & are serious about promoting it, then your stance would be both feminist and Anērist.

Is Anērism a new term? – yes & no, it has been described in egalitarianist groups, but not fully formed as an “ism”.

Do you think strong MRA’s and Strong feminists will identify as Anērists in the future? – no…they have too much interest in opposing Western 3wFeminism over such ‘important’ issues as Gamergate and what the latest Thunderfoot video allegedly said or didn’t say.
This seems to keep the YouTube community amused.
Most strong MRA’s may consider themselves Anērists and the term could become more popular with passing time.
A certain segment of strong feminists (like the block-happy, anti-criticism and echo-chambering kind, both female and male^^) will never bring themselves to admit that Anērism is a legitimate idea and will dismiss it out of hand.

Do you think feminists will identify with or include Anērism in future discussions? – hopefully yes. I think those classic feminists, who assess it on its prime merit – that it opposes misandry and misogyny and desires gender-blind meritocracy, will support it. Many of them already do.When advocating for access rights for female wheelchair users, they are also aiding access rights for male wheelchair users.

Is there a percentage of one or another? – no…the true aim is 50/50
I suppose you can be 60% Anērist and 40% feminist, but this is dependent on your existing political and social dynamics viewpoints. The conservative liberal may hold 60/40 thoughts. This is expressed as “the natural gender division of labour within the sexes” outlook and that would mean that he or she still holds some outdated views.Eg. construction jobs are for men only.

Will you be joining the YouTube community to advocate Anērism?
Sadly no….The cult of personality on YouTube is such that a viable conversation on this topic would degenerate rapidly into discussion of already known terms. It would be hobbled by arguments made purely to deflect and would waste valuable time.

This does not mean that others aren’t free to make videos promoting (or criticising) Anērism, though I’d hope that this will be done under the banner of Gender Egalitarianism and that feminism is mentioned in a positive light.
Both sides want equality.

So, maybe just using the term >Humanism< will benefit everyone!

** KurdishFeminism ([4]citation needed) This is based on the equality given to female fighters in Rojava(Syrian Kurdistan) especially those in the #YPJ grouping and who follow the teachings of Democratic Confederalism.
°°° Social Justice Warriors
^^ Steve Shives – an Uber-sensitive,mass-blocking(Facebook and Twitter) and condescending male, who is, from an outside perspective, under the spell of a strident 3WaveFeminist wife(who has belittled him on video).

[1] – contained within picture.
[2] – Type "anerist" into Google search engine
[3] – YouTuber Mr Repzion has used the term 'menism' in a video that parodies Feminists.
[4] – I have used this term #KurdishFeminsim on my Twitter account and you will find out more when you research Democratic Confederalism.