Feminism is cance….hoisted by its own petard.

Posted: May 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

What was feminism about?

It was about elevating women to the level of men. It was about the rightful acquisition of rights that men enjoyed. It was about gaining choices and opportunities for women.

All very laudable things to acheive. 

They insisted that there was no difference between men and women. That their brains held no differences and that gender stereotypes were very harmful and that women could do male things. They argued for this to be in law and applied in society.

So when they got all this into law it must have been a great day

….and then men (as transwomen) started taking over the feminist discourse and entered previously female-only spaces, since the end game of all this should allow that to happen. [Logically -If women can do what men do, then men can do what women do!] were these feminists shouting that they have finally achieved their aims?

It doesn’t seem so! They are actually fuming about it! 

They’ve even caused a civil war in feminism!

There are Trans friendly feminists fighting with sex-based rights feminists!

Men,as Trans women are now said to be better at being a woman than actual women! 

and so these feminists in the forefront of that cause for equality are now saying, “but but but You’re Men in our spaces! You can’t do this!”

But they can! You’ve campaigned for equality! You’ve campaigned for equal rights in all areas.

 and tho’ you didn’t expect it….youve undermined your own cause!

You didn’t think that would be the outcome, yet it is exactly that!

and what of the men they once opposed, many are now trans women that just flutter their eyelashes, click their heels

And reply “Equality ladies….This is what you wanted…..this is what you’ve got!” 

Own it girlfriend! 😀

Devils advocate blog. 

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