Do definitions matter?

Posted: May 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

Do definitions matter? 

I’m sure you’d say- Yes.

Do you know what Apple means? Yes.

Do you know what Orange means? Yes. Okay.

So, if I send you out to the shop to buy only 6 apples and you are given by the Shopkeeper a bag of 2 apples, 2 oranges and 2 oranges, with their skins wrapped with Apple skins, would you buy them? 

No.. You’d ask…where are the other four apples?  This is because you know what an Apple is, due to knowledge of the definitions.

If the shopkeeper said that apples now includes oranges, what would you say? 

You’d tell them that they were wrong. No amount of twisting would get you to accept that an Apple is also an Orange or that an Orange is an Apple.

Yet why do we allow people to say Trans women are women? 

The prefix shows us that they aren’t women. In the sentence that is used to say they are women is the very prefix that tells you that they aren’t! They are like women, almost women-like, neo-women and similar to women, yet not Women.

Woman is Adult. Human. Female. A biological reality. 

Trans women are Trans women makes more sense. I, as a devil’s advocate, have made a case for trans women to be trans women. Trans liberation is for them to be seen and accepted as Trans. 

Trans women activists think trans liberation is met by vanishing trans within woman. It’s erasure by other kinds of wordplay.

Many people think they are wrong! 

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