Old account on Facebook gone. New start.

Posted: April 11, 2021 in Uncategorized

My Krissy Powers account.X

The Only Official Facebook Account of Kris Powers.✔

This is the only Official Kris Powers Facebook account. The other one has sadly been disabled by Facebook* (or compromised). Anything on that account, posted after April 8th, 2021, if it returns and starts to post, hasn’t been posted by me. Efforts are being made to revive/restore the account, yet it will hopefully remain blank until that time. For verification of this, please see my WordPress blog (Here)which you can see via Social media, it will have these same words. The associated accountcount email and recovery numbers are now obsolete /deleted, so there’s little chance of recovery. As I was not very active these past years, I’m glad, in a way, that I’ve got the chance to start again. I won’t be following or putting friend requests to as many as before or joining closed atheist groups. If you do notice my presence gone from your friends list, please contact me via Twitter. Only those I follow will be accepted.

*Facebook has made me change previously from Krizzy Powers.his

My bloated old account has gone. Viva the new slimline one. 

The Only Official Facebook Account of Kris Powers. 

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