Definitely moving away from the left.

Posted: September 19, 2020 in Uncategorized

I can no longer call myself a leftie. I’m more of a libertarian social democrat. It’s a loose label at The moment yet it’s solidifying as we go past 2020 and into 2021.

The far left and illiberal liberals, the ultra progressive woke, especially in the USA, are people I no longer agree with. When you see them screaming over the death Ruth Bader Ginsburg and wished that she had to live to 2021. “You only had to live till after Election Day!” to see that these are politicised idiots. The “Loony Left” tag was something that I used to dimiss when it was used by the right wing, yet now I fully understand why they used it.

Social ideas from the Left that aren’t coming from a dogmatic and theoretical agenda (Marxism)are mostly good ones, yet the people who try to apply them often go to the extreme. The social ideas that were around before Marx are common sense. Co operatives and social funds and having things in common use were established before his ideological musings.

I have also noticed that while the Left want purity of beliefs and will block when you deviate, the Right will give you a hearing and leave open channels for conversation. This is not always true, cos the Right also have extremists.

The centrists have been mocked for their consistency of not agreeing with either side. This shows a healthy skepticism.

The traditional wing of both sides are pushed about. Blue Labour and rural conservatives\trads actually can get along. They can work to get compromise. I can see from the discussions they have that they are sincere. This is because they don’t shift much for power. The Far left and The far right want power and rarely get it cos they want that power to eliminate each other as forces.
The illiberal liberals, regressive left, the woke agenda, diktat social justice and Ultra progressivism are the ruination of common sense social policies. To not be included in that ruination, i must depart.

#SocialDemocrat #TippingTowardsTraditionalistThinking 

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