Centrists Against Extremism. #CAE 

Posted: July 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

Walk the Middle path. “Sic inter medium incedere.”

Cae is also field in Welsh. – Field of ideas. 

 Centrists should be against ideological communism and look suspiciously upon Democratic socialists as enablers.

Centrists should be against Nazism\Far right and look suspiciously upon ethno-nationalists as enablers.

Marxism tied with a radicalized BLM movement is a new dynamic to tackle. They are actually increasing racial tension. They are calling black people, who are non-Marxist as “coons’! I’m sure they will use the term “Uncle Tom” and tokenism. (Update – on the latter, they did!)

They want a black only political.party (aka Black Panter party Uk?)

With better arguments, Marxists and Rightists should be tackled. Democracy (proportional representation, checks and balances, constitutional rights, free, anonymous voting), humanism and rational empathy must win over authoritarianism, one party rule, free speech suppression and ideological dogma.

All race baiting politicians should be tackled by better arguments.

Western civilization has lost confidence in itself due to Neo-Marxist\Post modernism advocates undermine it. We need to reclaim the centre and reinvigorate the advocates of western civilization! 

Centrists should argue stridently for middle way postive compromise as an alternative to Ultra progressive politics and Racist reactionary forces.

Traditionalists are a stagnant entity and Green Anarchists are a minority group. They can be useful as deflection tools in debates.

The words of James Lindsey, Peter Boghossian and such commentators should be heeded. 

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