Agrarian primitivism, apanthropy and Twitter.

Posted: July 25, 2020 in Uncategorized

This is a wandering blog of thought.

I don’t think anarcho-primitivism would work. It involves the total de-industrialization of the planet and thus billions will die. Some would welcome this of course, yet I do not. Anarcho-primtivists are utopian fools with no empathy for billions of people. 

I advocate a back to the land mentality, being self sufficient, being a prepper, going towards an off grid lifestyle with bio-fuel, wind or solar power(& geo-thermal power where possible). Mine is a walking away from it all approach. I want it for myself and i’d hope for a community, yet as a mass movement….definitely not. The death of billions is not A good idea.

A small scale collective, Democratic and meritocratic, (not Marxist or corporate capitalistic)agrarian primitivism would isolate itself as much as possible from the world in an Amish, Hutterite or monastic way. No more than 150 people. It would be a plus energy solar settlement. Agrarian primitivism is the way forward for those who want to decouple from society.

Maybe it would have Solarism as it’s creed, follow Earth mother, farming rituals of the corn and pagan rituals of the season and use The Good Book by A C Grayling and Religion for atheists as moral guide books? 

It should be peaceful, yet able to defend itself. It should be able to function without much need for going to the outside. Living away from the mobile phone screen society and the woke and the extremists will bring tranquility. 

Then the world can crash on as it is. What care i? I’m done with it all.

All conversations about Woke, Ultra progressive politics, reactionaries, nazis, Trans rights, biological women rights, Brexit, covid-19 and Trump on social media is really really boring to me. I know my thoughts on those matters and trying to convert ppl to change their minds is pointless. If you come to the same conclusions as me, fine. If you don’t, Fuck off!

I should only take that which is necessary, useful or entertaining to me now. I’m fed up Twitter boosting others and getting nothing back. Very few acknowledge my support. The vanguard centrists seem to love the sound of their own voices. One Example, while I agree with many people, they will explain themselves with 15-20 tweets and seemingly can talk for hours on this subject of wokeism, cancel culture and the left’s afenda. To be honest, I agree with it, BUT I like and like and get bored with liking their tweets and adding comments that are ignored. I retweet and retweet and I’m bored with retweeting. I tweet like 20 things and I get just 2 replies! I’M JUST A COG IN THEIR POPULARITY MACHINE.

Any sort of recognition of me isn’t genuine (this is what I now feel) It’s basically a false gushing of “Oh, thank you, thank you you are so good for liking me, look how I appeal to you….you are basking in my sunshine from my glorious brain, I’m so brilliant at coming up with these answers about these hot topics….I know it all, don’t i?”

 Makes me sick! They run down the far left as puritanical fanatics of neo-Marxism, yet don’t see that their “We can see right through them and we have the answers. If only more people agreed with us, we can nip this foolishness in the bud” is exactly the same!

Also, Twitter has ruined Twitter for me, by restricting me through algorithms. I have no idea how to get my earlier popularity back up, when faced with it. I’ve not tweeted about any hot topics and switched to cat photos, gardening and landscape photos and comedy tweets and I’m still getting very little response back. I’m thankful for those regulars that still retweet me.

I’m not doing the circle jerk atheist meme thing either! Some people seem to churn it out over and over and over again! It’s basically this:

On Twitter an atheist will go “Here’s a 5 year old atheist meme that I lifted from Instagram. It will get liked a great deal and some “great thinker” will go “I’ll share this!….Then it’s shared to Reddit,  then it’s shared to Pinterest, then a godless person there, will link and copy and share to Facebook, then another atheist will share it back to Twitter! It will then go around again and again and again! All the seals will clap and smirk at “how much greater we are than the ignorant indoctrinated theists!” 

In any case, Atheist Twitter is a total foul-up. This is due to Sherlock Michaels tweet that included the retarded word and the c-word and the responses back and forth sucking everyone into a spiral of “I know better than you”ism. The war of the Atheist Organizations is boring!

It’s gone full circle as well in countering theist arguments! Rocks are atheists! Babies are atheists! and all this nonsense again. Theists have a vested interest in being theists! If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be theists! They want to believe in the belief they think they hold! It’s just a recycling of Everything in the Atheist vs theist discussion. How can this not be boring to you? (Am I jaded?) 

I’m followed by 15.1k followers(dwindling), yet it barely scrapes to 50 regulars responding over a week. I’m down to following about 5,000 interesting accounts and I’m sure I can go further. I no longer would primarily discribe myself firstly as an atheist, if asked now what I believe in. I’m a Seymourist, in other words, A self sufficient living advocate. My disbelief in a deity would be secondary. It’s a wasteful way to live your on-line life, trying to argue with believers. The only productive area is in Street epistemology. Those atheists are the ones to support! Not the memers or those fighting personal battles and using their followers to fight it for them. “You’re taking sides!” “No you are! We agree on 99% of things, yet this is the one thing that must make me block you!” Petty things that should be sorted out via DMs. ( direct messages )

Anyway….what do I now want? I’m into apanthropy. I’m going apanthropist. 

I want a Victorian style farm, far far away from the maddening crowd. Agrarianism, cottage capitalism* and ruralism is where I want to go. I want to work to provide food for myself, rather than work to make profits for others and receive nothing but minimum wage and a feeling of wasting your life away in a boring factory. I want to get away from social media as much as possible. I want the hear the twittering, not of societal battling, but of the dawn chorus!

Tweet tweet! 



*the creation of products in a low impact (non-polluting)way with a slight sustainable profit for those that still need an income stream. E.g. Pottery, Tweed, Honey etc

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