The Neo-Traditionalist Eco-Agrarian Movement.

Posted: May 31, 2020 in Uncategorized

FREE THOUGHT BLOG. Road-testing an idea. A way to unite conservative and liberal thinking agrarians.

What is the Neo-Traditionalist Eco-Agrarian Movement? [MYEAM]


to restore Farmers to their preeminent position.

to promote ruralism and localism over metropolitanism.

to promote self sufficiency and Smallholders.

to restore Gentlemanly ways.E.g. Responsibility and civility.

to restore Femininity. E.g. No more to the woke SJW , crazy screaming 3rd wave Feminism.

to be Social Democratic, Environmentally aware and Libertarian in its social application. Social Liberalism. 

It is not a religious traditionalism of old, but a new traditionalism that has moved on and does allow for social changes.

E.g. It would promote long term homosexual marriages, yet no more semi naked gay prides. It would support the Decriminalization of cannabis, yet be hard on other drugs, including alcohol.

Ideology: Communtarianism and Autarky. It must be a mix of compatible Green party policies and SDpUK

What books to read: Wendell Berry and John Seymour.

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