Drat! An apology. 

Posted: May 29, 2020 in Uncategorized

Drat. Yup. I messed up. I saw a tweet that had @‘ed me in. Nothing wrong with that, yet it had added @Jack in as well. It said “@Jack’s team is shit!” Now, I don’t mind swearing and I like the fishing guy behind this account(I’ve had a few laughs over the years), yet I’m also critical of Twitter because I think it’s rigged against me. I’m getting few followers, my reach is reduced and I’m getting tweet fade at 238 impressions. So, if someone adds my @ in with the CEO of Twitter, I’m jumping. I have paranoia, so sometimes it thinks ahead of me and I ovethink. 


(Photo is entitled -Fuck! Screenshot by me!)

So what did I do

I sent a tweeted reply back to WoodsmanUK saying basically “don’t add me in tweets like that. If YOU want to insult Jack or His team that’s fine..just don’t add me into it, because if it occurs, I’ll unfollow and block if you do. Thank you.”

Bit strong. Bit stupid. A snap reaction. Yet I dont want to be suspended. I probably won’t be, yet that’s what the paranoia (the para) does to you.I thought about it after tweeting (as you do) and I was in the process of backing down and explaining my reasons and was going to delete the tweet. Then I had a tweet back…saying goodbye and I found that he had blocked me. 

Drat! I didn’t want that! 

I had someone tweet him back to say about my reasoning. I await a reply via that account.(1)

Update 1– I have to thank the Devil (ironically) for getting the unblock. That guy does intervene for me when I mess up. \m/(°.°)  [Though your punctuation is fucking awful!]

If anyone can pass this blog apology onwards to him & get him to unblock, even briefly.(2)✔(No worries, cos it’s been done!)

Update 2. It has been done. He unblocked. Much appreciated. 

Sorry Woody

(If you don’t follow back. I understand.(3)

Update 3. He refollowed. ✔

Water under the bridge. And this also proves that i CAN apologize after making dumb choices.

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