Circle jerk atheists. Circle jerk atheists everywhere! 

Posted: May 28, 2020 in Uncategorized

Oh no! Have i broke ranks? Have I become a heretic?

NO! I’m not having a go! Honest! When I mention Circle Jerk Atheists,  I’m just describing a type of TwitterAtheist and since I am a representative of that type, it’s not bigotry, racism, sexist or transphobic! I’m just describing.

Just imagine:

You’re an atheist and you are all over Social Media. You see an atheist meme on Instagram. You like it, so you share it to Twitter, where it is seen by a godless account following you.Then that meme is shared to Reddit, where it is again seen by an atheist, who then shares it to Facebook. It’s there for a couple of hours, when it’s seen in an atheist group by a self declared militant(He’s shouted “God is imaginary!” in a church …once!) anti-thiestic atheist, who also has Pinterest, so he pins it to their ‘Godless board of Atheist memes’. It is then seen by another atheist on Minds, who posts it to their account. It is then seen by an agnostic atheist, who shares it to Instagram!

And the circle jerking goes around again! And again! 

Sick of the sight of it! Shared over and over and over and over! 

So it then goes back around! Especially this one! I can remember sharing this in late 2012! 8 years of seeing the same god damned f*cking thing! It’s an endless loop! 

With apps like Pinterest, you could share just one atheist board containing 23,000+ infographics\memes and say to the new to Twitter atheist “Here you go! Plenty there. Waste an afternoon or three looking through them all! Knock yourself out!

On Twitter, Atheist memes are tweeted out fairly often by the bigger accounts. They get their likes and Retweets and are passed on again. And again! And again! And again! And again! And again! And then…


They are sometimes seen by Christians, Muslims and Jews, yet because most of these bigger atheist accounts followers are liberal, Trump hating, pro-choice atheists, it’s going nowhere. I do understand why they do it. New atheists join Twitter all the time and some memes may not have been seen before by them. The may be angry atheists, out to find a community so the infographics bind people together.

It’s a great way to get followers to join in on a conversation. It can be also used to bait evangelical Christians, who are cruising the #Atheist hastags. I’ve done this myself. I’ve created 100+ atheist memes. True story– I’ve created so many when half drunk, that I can’t remember if a meme is mine or not! 

If a theist, usually a Christian or a Muslim loaded up on apologetics and belligerence, responds to the meme, they will trot out all the seen before arguments, which are ably dismantled by the atheist tweeter, who has generally read the bible and The God delusion and plenty of other books! Other AtheistTweeters join in a rational dogpile upon the theist interloper. The theist often mutes, frequently blocks. Memes are used in this debate over several hours.

Nothing much is achieved. I have yet to see a tweet from a Christian along the lines of “Oh, I’ll have to rethink my beliefs on that!” The phrase Preaching to the crowd is very apt. The atheists will feel validated, the Christian or Muslim, will pull some “victory” from it by twisty word play and a refusal to listen to anyone.

And then several months down the line it’s all played out the same and that fucking same atheist meme will crop up again. (*Claps hands, like a demented Kurt Cobain!)

That’s what Atheist Twitter is. It can be useful, yet there’s little originality. Share from this site, send it, receive likes and retweets and then repeat. 

There is only one point to this blog and that is to point out the sheer banality of it, while many really do think their sofa based atheism is actually doing Something because they receive all these likes they aren’t doing anything!

 It’s an atheist circle jerk! Other to saying that, this blog just a moan.

Twitter atheism has just become so boring to me!

“Oh look at me everyone! I’ve shared a meme that shows how brainless religion is! Now give me likes and retweets , even though all I did was see a picture on Pinterest and activated a “share this with Twitter” button…oh oh my poor finger from all of this Twitter activism!….Help ease the pain in my finger from sharing this meme that has been shared 70 times this year! Look at the great thing I have done? Look how elevated in my intelligence I am, compared to those nasty people, who are seeking something to help them get through life cos it’s hard to face reality sometimes. Those indoctrinated from 3 years old idiots who think talking donkeys are real!”

So brave! So courageous! 

In place of where I’d share an atheist meme, I’m now retweeting cat, bird and landscape photos, or photos of the sky and of Space. Unless you are creating NEW ATHEIST MEMES to share or you are focused on actually helping atheists, or fighting against some blasphemy law and combating  theocracy, AtheistTwitter really is a waste of time!

By A Jaded Atheist

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