To counter the ppl who think The Jewish Conspiracy is a real thing……

Posted: February 8, 2020 in Uncategorized

You have to take their Conspiracy ideas to another level, where they think you are ludicrous. You have to go One Step Beyond. 

Just mention that Hitler was part of the Jewish Conspiracy to kill nationalism, national identity and allow the Great Replacement to occur. Since they like and promote Hitler this actually means that they are also a part of the Jewish Conspiracy. You can say that they are enabling Jewish Domination by talking positively about Hitler and the Third Reich. The only way to counteract is to be silent on the subject and not praise up the Third Reich!

How you do it:

You firstly say that World War One was Phase 1 of this Conspiracy. It was started to destroy European Monarchy and open Nationalistic faultlines.

Secondly, World War Two was Phase 2 of this Conspiracy. They wanted to get a Charismatic leader to lead a major European country into having a war over nationalism so that the continent would be weakened enough to cause the importation of new peoples. The nationalist faultlines were exploited for this reason. They needed a big believer in Nationalism to rise, so they could bring him and Nationalism down into the gutter.

Thirdly, you state that Hitler was a useful idiot as he believed in his mission. He was being used to force Jews from Europe back to Palestine and to give Jewish leaders a massive victimhood to guilt the new Big Powers into supporting Israel. He was a failure because he broke the back of European dominance and enabled this plan to work. By bringing the Soviet\Russian and US armies into the heart of Europe, he brought about the collapse of the European dominance over the globe. Hitler is therefore the greatest of enablers, cucked to bring down Europe in order to allow for the Great Replacement and rule by regIonalism elites. 

This stream of thought will possibly wind up those hardcore Nazis, especially if you call them Jew Enablers


  1. The way to beat conspiracy nuts is to Go One Step Beyond. When they try to counter your Conspiracy+ argument this actually moves them to a position where they have to use reason and logic.
  2. When they start using this method to counter your craziness, 
  3.  you can then point out their logic fails in believing in the Jewish Conspiracy. 
  4. Go for the GOTCHA moment. (They’ll usually block you for pissing them off and proving them to be an idiot! Yet, you may get the more thoughtful thinker to conduct a reappraisal of what they believe and give up being a Nazi!)

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