Trans women are trans women?

Posted: February 1, 2020 in Uncategorized

Said by a unknown person.


We have all been tricked into saying a lie. Trans women are women is a lie. It is compelled speech and your celebrity job is on the line if you say anything ctitical of it and you are well known.

Trans women are Transwomen is the true statement. They are biologically born men with a biologically male formed brain. Only their thoughts are “female” inclined. 

How are they a woman? They are XY, not XX. Only through surgery and cosmetics can they be outwardly female. A pastiche. 

Is it in their minds? They have a male brain that MAY have been flushed with oestrogen. It’s a myth that a female mind is trapped within a male body!

Is it in their biology? No. They are genetically Male.

Is it in the pathways of their brain and if so, How much of that is a social construct? 

What is a woman? It is an adult female who was born with a vulva, vagina and womb* and breast tissue created for breast feeding**. 
*yes, I know there are some conditions that mean women are born without these. Yet, they are the exceptions.

**functioning or non functioning.


What are your thoughts? 

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