Islamo-Corporate-Globalist Marxist Bolshevism

Posted: February 1, 2020 in Uncategorized


The alliance between Sharia law advocates, Corporate Globalism and Marxist communists.

The aims:

They want to anonymise you.

They want you to think like them.

They want to control speech.

They want global dominance.

They want no borders.

They want to destroy Western liberty.

They want Multiculturalism (which ironically is the death of diversity)

They want no more national identities.

They want Masculine traits abolished into non threatening effeminate “I don’t want to offend anyone” compliance.

 “Equality” is actually the equality of outcomes, not the equality of opportunity.

Feminism is the gradual destruction of societal norms. The illusion of empowerment. Islam wants a policed patriarchal-friendly feminism. Liberation through being covered up.

They want an end to LGB rights. A discarding of these homosexual rights for Ultra progressive Trans rights. No male, no female identities alllowed.

Opiates to stupify the masses and and reliance on Big pharma.


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