Ideas blog. Part 1-Trans women are Trans women. Trans men are Trans men.

Posted: February 1, 2020 in Uncategorized

Trans women are Trans women. That’s it. 

Trans men are Trans men. That’s it.

These statements above are fact. Trans women aren’t biological women. Trans men aren’t biological men. It’s not transphobic. Science is not transphobic. 

Trans Identified Man is a better description.

Trans Identified Woman is a better description.

Modified Men and Modified Women can also be used as a description.

Woman: noun, Adult Human Female.

Man: noun, Adult Human Male.

No man has a vagina.
No woman has a penis.

Men with intersex status are still men.

Women with intersex status are still women.

Surgery may create a neo-vagina or neo-penis.That’s it.

There are no lesbians with a penis.

There are no gay men with a vagina.

TERF is an insult. Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist(They aren’t excluding men, they are putting biological female first!)

TERM is… something not used. Trans Exclusionary Radical Menist. 

Women First.

A feeling doesn’t make you a biological women.

A feeling doesn’t make you a biological man.

Men who think they are women don’t have female brains or feminized brains. They are men, with effeminate urges. Some are fetishists.They may not have a mental disorder, yet they do have a born sex identity maladjustment.(bsim)

Female stereotypes are driven by society. Pink is only a female colour, because it has been indoctrinated as a female colour. So is the colour  blue.

Men who say they are women are not more important than actual biologically born women.

Posie Parker is worth listening to.

Self identification can and will be misused.

Criminals who are Trans Identified men should serve time in a separate prison wing for Trans Identified Men. Not in female prisons.

Criminals who are Trans Identified woman should serve time in a separate prison wing for Trans Identified Women. Not in male prisons. 

Only a trans identified man who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and has gone through full surgery after the age of 18 and before 28 and completed all the feminization courses over a year can still be refused entry into female spaces, even after requesting such a desire to the biological women who use it and must accept their decision.

Biological female (Natal females) sports can only be for biologically females.

I believe the Gender Spectrum is mostly a load of nonsense. There are not 100+ genders. Neither are there 7 billion.

Non binary is also mostly nonsense. You are either male or female.They is not a singular descriptive.

People who push the idea of Drag kids are sinister. 

Via YouTube. Posie Parker.
I’m actually fed up with All this trans stuff. It’s amazing that some Trans people can be called Transphobic, if they have criticisms of their own about the Trans community. 

Why can’t they trans quietly and without any attention seeking? Just do it already. 

That shows you that it’s All gone too far. 

statements are for a trial blog.  (Disclaimer)

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