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Kyrie: Orbis Factor, medieval chant of the Gradual of Eleanor of Brittany.(Lyric video) CIRMA/EnsembleOrganum led by Marcel Pérès. #GregorianChant

Published 28th Sept 2018.


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Sacred Music.


Bolsheviks – Wikipedia

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Yes, this is true. I find the word islamophobia problematic and I do have issues with the conservative patriarchal system and misogyny of islam. Yet I’m not anti-muslim.

It has to be repeated that Islam is

1- A set of beliefs, with no skin tone.

2- A religion with rituals,holy books and morality, with no feelings.

Therefore, to criticize it is not racist. 

It has to be repeated that Muslims are

1- from all countries.

2- believers in the religion of islam. 

Therefore, Muslim and Muslim-ness are not ethnic terms. 

It has to be repeated that if you use insults against an ethnicity who are believers……then that is racist and bigotry. I

This is why anti-muslim bigotry(Muslimophobia) is the more accurate term.

Definition of Islamophobia

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Unite to Remain – Wikipedia

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Watchmaker analogy – Wikipedia

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Blocked again? 

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Yup. I didn’t even know I was blocked till I stumbled on the name.

Why has this person blocked me?

They seem to be a White nationalist. 

That’s why.