Why do I retweet and follow right wingers, if I’m not right wing?

Posted: September 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

Simp!y, because I want discussion about what they tweet. My pinned tweet talks about wanting debate. I mostly disagree with what they say. If I said so directly, and spoke my mind, i’d be blocked in a instant. Doing the “I’m doing this for debate” way means I stay unblocked and get my disagreement in at a later point in the discussion thread. 
I only willingly follow 3 Conservatives. 

1: Wrath of Gnon

2: Rory Stewart

3:Survive the Jive.

And that’s because for 1 and 3, they don’t do politics. And 2, because he’s almost a likeable caring Ex-Conservative “Tory the Tory”. A rare thing in my mind. A rural conservative that has a non metropolitan\Westminster bubble view on topics. His RoryWalks must have opened his eyes on a few things.

I only follow 2 fully recognized Far Right members. 

I do keep tabs on 1 RedIce TV and 2 Varg. This is because of my Anti-EthnoNationalistic stance. You have to hear their views to disagree. I’m not going to be an echo chamber. 

I do not follow Richard Spencer or any of his ilk. Not do I follow British or Swedish Ethno Nationalists.

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