Is Progressive Marxist feminism the cause of the immigration crisis? 

Posted: August 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

Provocative Test Blog.

Years back, there were big families. Two adults and many children. Some would have 6 children over many years. Many went on to work at 16 and worked long hours and cared for their aged parents. Then came the 60s and progressive feminism. No more would women have to have a plethora of children. “They weren’t just baby making factories” they said. “They were so independent that might even only one child or no children’ they said. Women thought they could have long careers without having large families and still be fulfilled. They had access to contraception and abortion. Life was good for those young women. 

Over time the population aged with no large numbers of replacement children to support their parents. Those young women then faced a reality. Who will look after me? They then married late and discovered their fertility wasn’t as good as it was in their early twenties. They only had that one child or none at all.

So what had to happen? They had to get people to make up the gap in the carers and hospital.staff. They had to allow the importation of other people, replacement carers, workers and service personel from countries in which feminism was not as strong and large families are the norm.The migrants came because we could not replace our populations. They came because our low wages were still higher than their own countries wages.

Many western women then regretted not having children sooner and they didn’t feel satisfaction in life. Many women, who were once fierce feminists are now critical of feminism. They now prefer femininity over feminism. Many have begun a transition from Feminism. They believe it to be a lie.

There are many women now who seem to want for the time when clear sex differences were maintained. You see it all over Social Media on sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Women returning to traditionalist ways. Baking, home making and natural births. They is a yearning to look  back to clearly defining fashions. Hence the rise in Retro-1950’s cosplay and rockabilly glamour sites. Even Goth (Steampunk and mock-vampyr styles) preach femininity through clothes. They bring the curves and makeup and big hairstyles back. No more socialist red, LGBTQAI+++pink or electric blue short scruffy hair.Femininity is not the Tomboy or laddette look. The fashion skinny look that hated big child bearing good and big boobs was pushed by homosexuals and Marxist feminists.. 

Many of the vocal feminists who have pushed the ideology too far and it is breaking. They are mostly on the Far Left. Whenever the Left enter a good cause it becomes degenerate. Suffragettes were needed to advance many things that were lagging behind for female kind. They got equality before the law. They got bored and working rights.Yet the vocal feminists wanted more. They wanted to make men smaller than they. They brought those Man Tears mugs to offices and belittled men. They wanted make men into feminists who were inoffensive and rejecting of their own masculinity. Men are now reluctant to approach women because of this agenda being pumped out. Feminist and Leftist propaganda is on the TV 24\7 affecting young men’s thinking. Fear of shouts of sexist hold back the natural discourse between men and women. Many Women see this. They rebel against this agenda. They do not want doormats for partners. Women are now rejecting the very agenda that supposedly fights for their rights! They are reversing the indoctrination of their former feminist sisters.

Many migrants are from Islamic countries. They are conservative, misogynistic, paternalistic societies with women seen as only baby making machines and sex objects. (Yet this is ine a level that Christian women do not come close to). They are not allowed freedom or a voice. So this means that many feminists will have to fight all over again the battles of previous generations, if they are to be integrated? No. Think again.

Many feminists are from the intersectional social justice warrior open borders type socialism that welcome these conservative migrants with open arms in the first place. So they will not fight these fights in those communities. They will abandon these women. They even turn a blind eye to grooming gangs that target white girls for rape and sexual exploitation. They won’t integrate them into a host nation as that host nation is seen as racist and colonialist. They will.leave these communities as they are. 

Isn’t that blinkered or what?

Why won’t feminists join with the intellectual femininity that is emerging and now seen on the Right? These Christian conservative women are not like these Islamic drudges. They are feminists in their own way. They are articulate and yes even independent of their husband in many regards. They see it as partnership with him, not oppressive subservience.

The reason itgat they will not join us that they see their traditional roles loving sisters as racist, internalizing misogyny and lower than they are. They have a condescending attitude towards them. They are openly dismissive of them!

 Do you understand this?

There are socialist feminist women who hate other women because of their beliefs. They are not feminists who care about all women. Their feminism, their solidarity is shallow and more often than not, it is a lie!!

So, is Marxist feminism partly to blame for the migrant crisis?

Yes. It has infected right to the heart of power.

Governments would rather let in more and more people from other countries, rather than instigate a campaign for more of their own citizens to again have large families! Hungary which has done exactly this, is feeling the full blast of indignation from the EU. 

We must deprogam the excessively misandrist views of feminists and again value motherhood and champion the necessity of creating the next generation.

This is a Provocative Test Blog. It is written to get you to think about the issue.

Is this a true or distorted version of events? Please comment.

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