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Telegram Messenger

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If Twitter crushes all conservative voices……who knows if the Atheists are next?

Telegram could be the next twitter. 

If you are a conservative, (I’m not, but follow what I say)

the Far Left will call you a Nazi

Even though you hate nazism.

the Far Left will call you a Fascist

Even though you hate fascism.

the Far Left Will call you a racist

Even though you hate racism.

They will do this because

1- they have literally no idea what those words mean. They have no nuanced idea of what you stand for.

2- they want to smear you will false claims in order that some may stick, to render you as a non person, a person not to associate with. To close down your legitimate opinions.

3- they are lead by opinions in the mainstream left leaning media. They have no desire to understand your position. They are believers in headlines and division politics.

4- they are so Far Left that even Liberals are Right wing! 

Conservative minded people are Patriotic, traditionalists, cautious of change,(and yes,these things can be taken to extremes) yet they are also libertarian in the true meaning of the word, able to take criticism, debate with other perspectives and can be broadly tolerant. Hold them to their beliefs. Charge them with hypocrisy, if they do not!

I’m of the Left, yet I’d rather talk to some conservatives, rather than the Far Left. That’s how bad they have become. The Overton window should not be pulled their way to pacify them. The Far Left can be Regressive, apologists for antisemitism, constantly using the word Islamophobia, dogmatic feminists (with zero capacity to be self-critical), serial blockers, smear merchants, misandrious, blinkered to Soviet excesses and occasionally unable to give further detail.about their position(because they go by the briefest of info on the say so of their comrades). Resist and challenge this vocal minority. The Left used to be for Free Speech, did resist misogynistic paternalism, was against antisemitism and didn’t want authoritarianism.

Bend in the wind, snap back in the lulls! 

The far left (Antifa, Communist, Radical socialists)are for:

1-A borderless word. Immigration not to be controlled, as No humans are illegal.

2-See the human race as desiring or inevitably becoming only one human culture [and that it’s should reject all forms of division and oppression]

3-Would want one system to rule over that one human race.[Marxism]

4-See censorship and the denial of platforms as a good thing. “I want them shut down! I want them silenced.”-Ana Novarro.(2019)

5-Want to take down the existing establishment. 

6-To hold things “on behalf of the people”!

So…what do Islamists want?

1-A borderless world.

2-See the human race as 

…well you get the idea. The same as the Far Left.

Their version of it though is much different in the details;

1-A borderless word….so that Islam is the only faith that can spread.

2-One Islamic world culture, with no religious\political divisions. One theocratic system over all.

3-Sharia law to be that system.

4-They only want the Koran to be the sum of human knowledge. No criticism, mockery or apostasy.

5-They don’t want liberal progressive “degenerate” democracy.

6-They want to rule over people, not with them.See Iran or Saudi Arabia on a global scale.

So…what do Capitalists want?

 1- A borderless world aaannnd’ve guessed it….the same as the above!

Their version of it would be much different;

1- A borderless world would enable them to switch from country to country for the cheapest labour. Resources would be stripped.

2- The global society would be a destructive consumer society, led by as campaigns, spin doctors, politicians in the hands of corporations and distracted with the desire for Holywood lifestyles.

3- Capitalism will lead to profits over people. The earth will suffer. Infinite growth on a finite planet is unsustainable.

4- They would try to shut down exposure of wrongdoings. Whistleblowers would be jailed and suppressed.

5- Capitalists want deregulation, no services and no government economic interference.

6- Capitalists want to hold the assets of the country to sell back to the people, with interest and maximum profits.

I shudder at the thought of all these things! 

The Far Left will get rolled over by capitalists or Islamists. They are actually the useful idiots for the latter two. Enablers of a ruined world and not supporters of their pretty utopian earth! 

Authoritarian socialism, theocratic evangelicalism and international capitalism ARE not good things.

The Far Left are truly delusional if they think a socialist, borderless, fair, equal and progressive earth will exist in the future. Human nature will undermine it.

They do not learn from history. Their belief in the Marxist path of progression is misplaced. Marxist international Intersectionality is actually a religion of destruction.

We must resist Marxist socialism, religious barbarism and fundamentalism and exploitive, deregulated international corporate capitalism.

Liberal Traditionalism.

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In the political realms, many topical issues are on a spectrum. On any given topic, you are either on the Far Left, Left, Centre Left, centre, centre right, right and far right. And then in each group there are more spectrums.

So on the Traditionalist spectrum, you could have a liberal wing and a conservative wing. 

You would have traditionalists for and against abortion, for and against monarchy, for women rights and so on.

This would mean you would have a Liberal Traditionalism.

LibTrads would be:

pro-choice. This doesn’t mean they are pro abortion, just they recognize that if a pregnancy happens that for whatever reason it can’t continue, and that it is a safe procedure when the medical staff halt it. The limit should be 20-23 weeks.

Secularist. This benefits all religions.

For gender egalitarianism, yet not fully supportive of ideological feminism.This means the ultra progressivism trend is curtailed. A small.minority shouldn’t force the narrative.

For support of Trans people as individuals, yet not uncritical of Trans activists.

For support of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexuals.Individuals have rights. Pride marches will have parental guidance warnings.

For traditional building practises and modern interpretation of old building techniques.

For traditional art. Rejection of thoroughly modern art.

Democracy and for proportional representation under a constitutional monarchy.

Reject Ultra progressive modernity, embrace traditional based moderity!

The Traditionalist European Movement would be a civic traditionalist organization. Multi ethnic, yet not multi cultural.

How can you be pro internationalist pro-sovereignty, yet Not be a ethno-nationalist or an open borders internationalist\pro Global society? Nuance is key.

Very difficult. 

1-What is the problem with Open Borders? It can lead to the supression of cultures. No clue on the numbers coming in to a particular country.

2-What is the problem with internationalism? It helps capitalists and evangelical religions.

3-What is the problem with nationalism? Bigotry and supremacist ideology.

4-What is the problem with cosmopolitanism? It can mean you forget your ancestry and host culture.

Finding moderation in these things is paramount.

1- continue having borders and a sensible low immigration policy.

2- have a strong sense of identity and have pride in the good things your country has done and is doing. Condemn the bad parts.

3- civic nationalism can be a good thing.

4- don’t forget your origins and Aryan examp!e. You can embrace other cultures, yet retain your own. 

Be a cosmopolitan soverigntist.

What is my goal?

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This may be a bit boring, yet I’m going to list what i’d like to do. 

Firstly, I need land. then build a house. Then ditch the job, in order to grow my own veg and become self sufficient. 

Basically I want to use three books to guide my life. The New complete book of self sufficiency by John Seymour. (2003) and Food from your garden by Readers Digest contributors and advisors. (1977). Food for Free by Richard Maybey.

I’d like the house to be Victorian in style it is happily go for traditional oakframe and thatch.

It needs a farm style kitchen. I’m aiming for the rustic in many things. 

I want a area set aside for Beehives, hydroponic and aquaponic area. A walled vegetable garden. A bio-gas converter. Solar panels, mini wind turbine. Water turbine. 

A place for blackberries, strawberries, Elderberries, hazelnuts, medlars, figs, mushroom brds, crab apples, apple and pear orchards, nettles, wild garlic, birch trees for sap, artichokes, asparagus, rhubarb.

A drying area, a smoking area. An area for brewing beer. I imagine these as within a small out building or against the walked Victorian style kitchen garden.

Either a 1 acre or 5 acre plot.

Essence of Twit.

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I don’t really go in for dissection on the opinions of others about me, yet in this instance on this subject, I’m going to cut loose for a brief moment.

The topic is Esssence of Thought. A well known Youtuber who identified as Peter\Ethel. They\Them.

Update- Since the recognition of the recent bullying by Essence of Twit of Youtuber Rachel Oates, I’m going to say #IStandWithRachelOates 

They represent another Toxic Youtuber (or as THEY may come to be known oneday -Absence of Thinking) and I got into a discussion about RationalityRule and his video about specifically Trans Women in sports. (no mention of nonbinary) RationalityRule argued that due to their natural physicality and hormone levels, it can be unfair for trans women(who are women –I have to say this!) to compete with biologically born women.(and I’m NOT saying that Some trans women can not successfully bring their levels down!) And you have to see his point – a 6ft 3in transwoman boxer with a long reach and who has gone through puberty as a biological male would\could be overpowering when fighting a 5ft 9in biological woman with a short reach, while they deemed equal and of the same weight and fighting in the same weight division. It can be argued that even if a biological male doesn’t change a thing and self identified as Trans and went thru a short course of hormones, they’d be allowed to fight and this would be unfair. Now, RationalityRule tried to back this up with good thought and what seemed to be good sources. I’m sure he didn’t think he was in error, yet if he was, he would take that on board. Which turned out to be the case on a few points. He even posted a reply to his critics. This is how decent people respond. The video of his apologies is there on YouTube.

Anyway, I had these responses from Essence of Twit….sorry, Essence of Thought.

This discussion is fine about the subject…discussion is good. Yet he had to resort (Like THEY did with RationalityRule) to an insult, condescension and assumption.

If EOT is so rational, then THEY should be able to avoid being so abrasive, shouldn’t THEY? I mean there’s no respect here for me as an individual with fair questions….I actually respected THEM till this because back in the day, when THEY used to use their previous name on twitter(before that account was suspended), I shared EOT’s videos on atheism. I thought very highly of them. 
What does THEY say about me?  “Backwards gobshite”.Firstly, I genuinely laughed out loud at this, because I instantly thought that I could use it in my Twitter bio! Secondly, because I’m not a backwards gobshite on this topic.

I’ve used and know what non-binary means.

I’ve tweeted about Trans issues since 2014.

I have many transgender atheists following me.(I’m aware that this fact doesn’t mean I’m not transphobic, I’m just pointing out that I’m trans welcoming!)

I highlighted how similar it is for trans people and atheists to come out and declare who they are. Trans gender atheists are doubly brave in that.

EOT is compartmentalizing trans people. It can be argued that saying Trans women are women is actually transphobic.  This is because some Trans women are happy to identify as Trans women and do not want to enter the biological female estate.

for disliked my comment that true trans liberation will come about when trans women will be accepted AS trans women. Trans world records, trans championships and trans leagues would be the goal of this liberation.

Can’t THEY see the fact that we are having these conversations in society precisely because trans women are being thrust into being pigeon holed as biological women?

Many people can’t accept trans women as women because it is self evident TO THEM that they are not. They aren’t being transphobic to individuals, they just can’t dispute with themselves what They are seeing as a general observation. Yes, they may be conservative on many social issues, yes They may be bigots about Genders, uneducated about the minutia of trans politics and so on….Yet this does not mean their perception can be flung aside and not addressed. Most of those people, if you said Trans women are modified men, would readily agree. If you said “Do you agree that Trans women should be seen as what they are, Trans women and free to create their own sports leagues?” you’d get a majority agreeing with you. Essence of Twit wants a huge leap in perception, when everyone else knows society moves forward in lurches and small steps. 

 FACT- Trans women have a female mind\feminized mind in a biological male body! If they were of a Cis and binary mentality (like the majority of people), this would obviously not be an issue. Hence the mocking at the idea of a Female Penis. You can not argue against accepted terms of description. Penis=male member. Feminized brain=woman. Yet it’s not a female penis is it? It’s a male penis with the person having a feminine\woman sided brain. [By the time you read this…Facts are transphobic probably.]

Bad faith? Were my questions in bad faith? No, I just see more clearly than EOT. I am lead by reality and FACTS, not by DOGMATICISM.

I don’t pretend to have concern for the trans community. I am actually concerned. I put it to THEM, that just because you are a trans activist doesn’t mean you or your ideology are above criticism.

We weren’t even talking about non-binary.

The last tweet is condescending as f*ck! EOT’s definitely got a messiah complex. Yet another person who thinks that if you disagree one iota with them you are worthless, wrong and a borderline transphobe. Head firmly stuck up THEIR arse!

The Essence of Twit! 


For clarification:

I’m not a transphobe.

I support trans women \ trans men to come out and be accepted.

I support marriage between Trans and with non trans. (Trans marrying other Trans is obviously also fine by me!)

I support Trans in the adoption of children.

No to trans discrimination in work, education or politics.

I support the leaning about trans in school (13 years and above till 18). This is about education, empathy and compassion.

I support Trans in sports, where there is no specific clash with the biological standards of that sport. E.g.- Chess, darts, etc.

I support Trans identity as Trans. To me the push by some to un-box themselves as Trans then immediately Re-box themselves as Women or Men is not what should be happening. “Out as Trans and Proud as trans” could be their call.

Trans activists should remember that being a trans activist doesn’t make you immune to criticism. They should also remember that they are not the majority in society. They can’t push against the grain in ultra progressive mode. 

Trans athletes should have their own competitions, leagues world records and championships. This is a positive move. It may be some time for enough trans persons to make up enough numbers.

I DO HAVE TO SAY THAT I SUPPORT BIOLOGICAL BORN WOMEN AS WELL. It is difficult when you can see both sides of the arguments.

Wes Jackson – Wikipedia

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Sustainable Agrarianism.  .