Twitter restricts my account? Maybe!

Posted: May 12, 2019 in Uncategorized

I tweeted a meme. Simple meme using a Free-to-use image with my own words upon it. 

Here it is:

Standard Atheist meme.

Do you think it was liked, Retweeted or had comments very quickly after, from my nearly 16,000 followers?

No…this below is what I saw for a very good while. Repeatedly. From 11:12am to 11:47am, till I Retweeted it myself…..there was nothing! 

Twitter protects Islam. I also reckon they are suppressing my account. Low interactions, loss of followers, and for an account of nearly 16k, I have a very limited reach. Low amount of retweets, likes,and conversations, it’s all happening to me. My following has dropped dramatically. Now at 15.8k.

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