Immigration. Who would you let in?

Posted: May 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

Tough questions bring tough answers to deal with.

I would not let in;

1- Illegal economic migrants. E.g.- No documents, you get sent back to the place of origin\original departure. If you cross a river at night, walk over a border at night with the clear intent of avoiding detection…then Sorry, you will be sent back! 

2- Criminal migrants. E.g.- If found to be a criminal, e.g. In the process of a criminal act, such as people smuggling, you will sent back immediately!

3- Jihadist minded migrants. E.g.- If found to be an ex soldier in ISIS, you would be sent back.

4- Illegal Refugees. E.g.- Refugees that have passed through one or even several safe countries without documentation or any indication of trying to contact the first safe country’s authorities.

Failure to identify your origin, your documents, full disclosure on name, previous address and relationships.(political) will result in your removal back to the place of your departure. Repeat offenders should be held in detainment camps for 12 weeks, with a slower processing.

I would let in;

1- Kurdish refugees. Turkey, the next country closest the The EU is not safe for the Kurds. Registration requirements and Proof that they are Kurdish. 

2- Iraqi and Syrian Christians. Even as an atheist, I’d let them in due to Muslim persecution. Registration and and Proof that they are christians. 

3- Genuine Legal economic migrants that have legal documentation and the correct work permits and who have passed all the requirements. Closest country that can provide that work. Registration requirements.

4- Those in need of urgent Genuine Emergency medical support, that only the West can provide. Closest safe country only. Registration requirements.

5- Genuine refugees from a ongoing war zone. Closest safe country only. Registration requirements.

6- Genuine refugees from political, ethnic and religious persecution. They still have to provide honest legitimate dicumentation and meet the requirements. Closest safe country only. Registration.

This also means support for all agencies dealing with these people.

It can also be added as an argument against immigration from NA-ME* that letting in people with qualifications is actually impoverishing these nations. The BrainDrain of good people, nurses, doctors, engineers, etc,  that can help rebuild, build and\or improve infrastructure is not healthy for that nation. The West should encourage people to stay in their countries to make them better and create places where people are more inclined to stay.

*NAME is North Africa-Middle East. (Also including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen, as many Refugees\migrants claim their from Middle East, yet come from these countries)

Libya must be made safe. A robust UN naval force should be patrolling off the coast.

No migrants to be taken to Europe. The rescue boats should take them back to the migrants point of depature, if possible. This is a measure to discourage unsafe voyages.

Human trafficking should be halted. 

I’m Not against immigration. Permitted legal immigration from Commonwealth and Rest of the World is fine. Legal documents must be the priority.

I’m Not against refugees. They must however have a destination of the First Safest Country. Not traverse several safe countries.

I’m Not against help and support to those who require it. Desperate people who are judged to be Genuine, get my support.

I’m just pro legal documentation and going through the proper channels. If I have to do it, then so should they. Impatience with the bureaucrats is not an excuse to jump the process. 

I’m on the Left, yet I do see the sense of having borders. Humans migrating under threat(Refugees) and Migrating Humans for economic reasons aren’t illegal, yet how they go about it, can be! 

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