Some positive actions for a better world. By John Seymour. #Seymourism #ClimateChange

Posted: May 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

This is a Fair Use blog about what people can do to help on Climate change. Seymourism is the application of these ideas. 

4 main rules.

1-Assess the consequences.

2-Encourage positive changes.

3-Avoid causing damage.

4-Cut down on what cannot be cut out.

6 principles for good housekeeping.

Assume responsibility yourself.

Keep things local.

Keep things simple.

Avoid specialization.

Avoid violence, towards helpful insects.

Be moderate.

Simple ways to save water.

Choose water-efficient appliances.

Cut down on car-washing water.

Recycle your kitchen water.

Use a Dual water syatem.

Buy a water butt.

How to reduce water pollution.

Reduce using liquid detergents.

Reduce use of washing powders.

Dilute bleach and scouring powders.

Don’t use water freshners.

Use organic garden chemicals.

Never dump chemicals in the water system.

Cleaning up coasts and estuaries

Keep a watch for illegal dumping.

Boycott polluters.

Don’t dump waste directly into the seas.

Control sewage.

Do not use anti-fouling paints on the underside of boats.

Clean up plastic pollution.

How to help the presevation of rare breeds.

But local varieties.

Use a seed bank.

Set up a Rare breed preservation society.

How to reduce the use of biocides

Inorganic Fungicides, insecticides and herbicides are dangerous. Avoid & Ban.

Buy organically grown food.

But fresh produce

The principles of organic farming.


Soul improvement.

Pollution abatement.

Quality of produce.

Efficient energy use.

Satisfying employment.

Support true Free Range Farming. Ban battery Hen farming.

Everyday action on factory farming.

Assume responsibility.

Look out for dishonest labels.

Eat less meat.

Support humane farmers.

Avoid artificial additives.

Read the label.

Buy fresh produce.

Know the risks and avoid buying foods with many additives.

Food processing often devalues food.

Plastic pollution.

Use greaseproof paper.

Plasticizers (the chemicals that make plastic cling film stretch)can migrate into food. Be wary.

How to make your cupboard healthier

Buy fresh local food.

Choose wholegrains.

Eat flesh, not fat. Eat lean meat.

Choose natural drinks. Make your own lemonade, for e.g.

Avoid excessive sugar, salt and false flavourings.

Ask questions about your food.


I think the above are all good ideas. I’m sharing these views in order to create a curiosity about reading further. 

Note on Fair use.

This handy short point by point blog has been created to transmit important ideas to the future generations that have to contend with Climate change, plastic pollution and everyday environmental issues. All credits to the copyright holder. DK publications.

Please buy ‘Blueprint for a Green Planet’ By John Seymour and Herbert Girardet.(1987)

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