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June 2016.

The EU referendum.

The choice:

Leave the EU or Remain in the EU?

The vote decision was advisory, yet the government said it will implement the result.
How did I vote?

I voted Remain. I voted because I didn’t want the economic hit and was aware that the Irish Border question be virtually unsolvable or very difficult to negotiate.

Did you ever want to vote Leave?

Yes. I had thought initially that I would vote to Leave. I had a GreenLeft perspective that echoed Jenny Jones. I wanted to be out of the EU to create a UK that could fully concentrate on its institutions, a UK that was decentralized, supported localism and regionalism.A UK with proportional representation. I wanted leave a union that did not respect sovereignty.(Hungary and Poland have been bullied) I wanted out of the EU because it is a neo-liberal corporate entity full of unelected commisioners. I wanted a UK in charge of its borders. I thought that EU immigration was of concern and the EU didn’t care.(I knew it was partly the Tories fault of not enforcing the rules as well.) I didn’t think that a Confederation of European Nations that I wanted, would ever happen (As there are pressures to created a open borders United States of Europe).

So, if it wasn’t going in the direction I wanted, why be in the EU, I thought. I also read three good articles.



I even wrote out a list (A and B) with A being reasons to Stay In and B being reasons to Leave.

It was heavily for the Leave side.

Sovereignty – B. Better out. Also, it is a historically fact that the British traditional policy over Europe is to not allow a concentration of power.

Immigration – B Better out.

European army – B Better out. I want to scrap Trident and restore English and Welsh regiments. I didn’t want a EuroArmy. 

Turkey – B If it was coming in, I wanted out! I didn’t think it would be allowed as it’s lack of recognition of Cyprus would have prevented it from joining. All EU nations must recognize fellow members. Yet there was a possibility that a deal would be struck and Europe’s borders would be next to Armenia, Syria, Iraq and Iran! 

Free speech – B Better out so we don’t have the EUs Social Justice agenda forced onto us. The EU’s clamping down on dissidents free speech on social media in Catalonia, Hungary and Poland is worrying. There was also Article 11 and Article 13 to worry about.

Localism in agriculture – B The CAP is useless. Paying farmers to not use fields is terrible. We need self sufficiency. (Autaky)

Regionalism with Democratic reform and proportional representation – B If the EU wanted to go forward with a United States of Europe, do you think they’d want power to go downward? I thought not. They want centralization.

Fishing rights – B. Let’s have our own fishing boats back out there.

And what of A?

A was hopeful nonsense. Maybe things will improve. Let’s keep the economic status, which is okay at the moment. Environmental challenges are best tackled as a community. Blah, blah blah. 

Not much.

I did think that if we left, the UK would try to get The best deal possible and the thought that kept popping up in my mind was….we already have a good deal, so why spoil it? 

We could make trade deals, yet how long would that take

So that was the 1 thing that tipped it. I was also aware of the consequences of the economic hit in the UK. It would mean Economic suffering for poorer families…And that’s what I could not vote for. I wanted economic stability, such as it was, with the known.

So I voted Remain.

I thought we would win. We didn’t. We lost.

I accepted the result. 

I have not said that the vote was rigged, though there was errors and overspend. I’ve not said that there was Russian interference,. I went by the numbers. There was 17.4 million votes to 16 million. 52% to 48%.

If it went the other way, I think many Leavers would have grumbled, long and hard, yet generally moved on. 

I say again…. have accepted the result. It is democracy. It was promised that the decision would be honoured. It was a Win for Leave. 

So, the decision should be implemented. We should leave the EU. Even though I don’t like it, in the economic sense.

What should have happened after The vote?

Trigger Article 50.

The withdrawal deal should have been done and dusted within a year or so. Maybe. I did think the Tories would mess it up and to avoid this a cross party committee should have been created and gone to the EU. 3 tories, 3 Labour, 3 SNP, 3 DUP, 3 Plaid Cymru and then 2 each from the Greens & Lib Dems.

A national commission for Brexit. They would have worked out a deal. Hopefully.

A date would have been set. If we were to be leaving on March 29th, 2019, we would leave. By then the EU would have agreed that they will build a new type of economic deal, with no customs union, Irish Border question settled, tailor made for the UK. Maybe a transitional economic package to support us through it all, as we are major contributors.I

What has happened?

Brexitshambles. Chaos. 

It’s not gone down well.

Parliament, full of remainers and Europhile Tories, couldn’t get it together. They didn’t want to leave.The PM,T May messed it up. (Why wasn’t a cross party committee created to agree on Withdrawl when the issues came? It was obviously too much for the PM to do it.) All the had to do was End the Act of 1972 which took us in! Yet they didn’t do even that! 

I’m glad that Brexiteers are fighting tooth and nail for the vote to be honoured. I’m glad Brexiteers are saying “We won, you lost. Get over it!” 

Other Remainers have not quit with their moaning. 

They have not accepted that they have lost.

I’m not one of them.This is only because I agree with them on one issue.The economy.

Where are you now on Brexit?

I’m back to square one. On the fence and yet it creaks. If you ask me how I would vote in the People ‘s Vote(2nd referendum). I’m not sure. Firstly, I think we already had a Peoples Vote. It was in 2016.

Secondly, what has happened in the EU over the last 3 years, makes me think I should have voted Leave. This doesn’t mean I won’t again vote Remain. This is because the economic situation is still the same.

I’m undecided.

Nevertheless, if we had a People’s Vote…I don’t think a Remain Option should be on there. Remain was discarded in 2016. Only a leave question should be on there. 


How close do you want to be to Europe?

Close ties, in the Customs Union []

Out completely, with WTO rules []

Abstain []

Why has the Remain option gone?

The reason why is, if you want to Revoke Article 50, you are probably a Remainer and you want to make a 2nd referendum with a 3 option question that will deliberately split the Leave vote happen or call every leaver a racist, you are anti-democratic.

You may Revoke Article 50, but the fact remains there was 17.4 million leavers. That decision to leave will not go away! Revoking is wrong. 

As a Remainer, you may want a second referendum with a Remain option to be included, but the fact remains that the Will of 17.4 million voters in the First has not been honoured.

As a Remainer you probably have a bigoted view of Leavers, calling every leaver a racist is false, as many leavers came from all walks of life. Every racist may have voted leave, yet not all Leavers were racist. I

What about Leaving

We must Leave on a date that is set! The reason being it will be for the preservation of the decision and for the necessity of a democratic vote to be honoured! 

You can’t have a second referendum UNTIL the first has been honoured!

That’s what should be said. Repeatedly. Ad nausum.

If Ultra-Progressivism is on the rise, what’s the alternative or opposite? 

People say in the UK that it is the Conservative party, also known as the Tories.

Yet, it baffles me that the Tories are called conservatives, when they don’t seem to want to conserve anything. The Tories do not live up to what Traditional conservative values are. The Tories want to sell off everything, want to suck up to corporate entities, to follow an ideology of austerity for The many and Tax breaks for The rich. The Tories are wrongly named. 

When Brexit is done, I’d like to see a Traditional Conservative party based upon the Cornerstone Group, (see Wikipedia articke) come into existence. Not because I’ll like them, but for the novelty of having people (who may be on the right) who truly want to conserve traditional values, traditional agrarianism, traditional architecture and so on, in the UK. It will also mean that the party of Cameron and May has split, lost credibility and has been defeated.

The conservatives we have now, have no values, no honesty, no respect.

Is it Sam or Samantha?

Boy George did this sort of thing in the 1980s! This is not news!

Are we indulging a mental illness?

Personality traits are whims. Discuss.

Lead him\her to 2 toilets, one with a male silhouette on the door, one with a female silhouette on the door and wait until s\he needs to go pee….The one s\he goes in decides forevermore!!I


I don’t really care either way in what s\he decides to call himself, it’s only when and how this thinking impacts the mainstream that concerns me.

I think we should. If you have a host nation that is tolerant, open, secular and gives rights to homosexuals and women, it does seem odd to let in people who are intolerant towards homosexuals, who give no regard or respect to women and are opposed to Free speech, democracy and other religions.

To be fair, many people come here looking for a better life and to integrate as best they can. Yet there are others who are out to change our society or they come here with zero interest in changing their own views or their culture. These people are the ones who are happy with ghettoization and not speaking the host nation primary language.They want limited contact with the other (unbeliever, infidels) citizens of the country. They may even despise them!

A prerequisite should be an ability to speak the host country’s language\s. Then at least you can challenge their introverted viewpoints in debate.