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Bigos – Wikipedia

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The Boar – A sacred animal

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This could be a great idea. A society which promotes more allotments, more smallholdings to be created in order for a food co-operative. 

England! The future England! 

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Awaken, England! Rise up and reclaim who you truly are! 

We need a parliament of England!

We need a written constitution of England.

We need the restoration of the English Regiments!

We need to restore English sovereignty.

We need to grasp English Pride! 

We need Civic patriotism from all those who are born or raised in England!

English is about What values you keep, not the colour of skin you are in! 

The Enola Gay Question.

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If you want to find out who the saps, the hand wringers, the regressive lefties are…just ask if the dropping of the Atomic Bomb was a justified act or a War Crime?

If they say it was a War Crime…then that’s who they are. You can now ignore them in any subject.

Those who say “I don’t know” can also be dismissed.Wishy washy fence sitters!

Only those who say it was justified* should be listened to! 

*That it ended the war quickly, stopped the Soviet army from gaining more land and it was less bloody than what would have happened, e.g. if a Starvation campaign against the Japanese started and continued going on, into 1946 or a there was a  military invasion in late 1945\early 1946.
Which one are you? 

The Pagan Revival.

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I hope there is a Pagan revival. I’d love to see Islam and most kinds of Christianity swept away! 

To once again have a Pagan Europe! 

I dream of course. Paganism will have a slow rise in numbers, yet it will never reach the tens of millions needed to change things.