Hey! Another person who has blocked me!

Posted: January 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

Yup, it’s the only series that I constantly blog about. The “Who has blocked me on Twitter this week?” series! 

 Well, who has done this deed and do I know why?

It’s a person named


Arthur Chu. And he’s verified! 

Says in his bio “Mad genius, comedian, actor, and freelance voiceover artist broadcasting from the distant shores of Lake Erie.”

 Broadview Heights, Ohio.

He has 38.5K followers.

He’s seems to be of the opinion that ‘Trans women are women’. Now I’m civically bound to agree with that. Yet he must have seen me say “Trans women are (also) modified men’, which is factually true or he’s seen me included in tweets that have the so called ‘TERF’ element of feminism also tagged in. This usually triggers people into blocking me as they can’t cope with the criticism, by TERFs, about trans activists or the reality of my statement.

They don’t understand that I’m supporting Trans, when I say that.

Yet another member of the ostrich brigade.

It’s no loss being blocked by him.

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