Blocked again? Yes, again! 

Posted: July 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Here we go again. Blocked by someone again. A someone that I probably would follow, considering we share some similar causes.

What’s the background? It’s all to do with ppl not seeing all the Big picture, so to speak…

Namely…is that the Kurdish flag?

You must admit, the Sun logo is very hard to see on the flag on the left! This is an enlarged photo.

The tweeters name is

 (Not sure about the wallpaper photo below. 3 Japanese women and Samurai Japan? If you are such a serious advocate for the Kurds……Why not have a Kurdish Flag? Would have avoided all the bother that came! 

The tweeted photo below, of a guy holding two flags and a tweet supporting a man in a very desperate situation, is Steve. The man in dire straits is #RaminHosseinPanahi, who is in Iran and could be executed.

And then an Honest mistake by another tweeter…

 “That’s the Hungarian flag.”

And I chip in, of course… because I’m following the latter and see the tweet. I don’t know who Steve is. My comment is innocent and mild enough. I thought he’s holding the Iranian flag. Possibly the Non-Islamic Iranian flag, out of solidarity. This is my first impression and Steve doesn’t mention Kurdistan. Only Iran. I don’t even see the Sun logo on my iPhone. Otherwise, I’d have said “It’s the Kurdish flag” & that would have been that…

Does that happen? No…

And then it escalates…

The next tweet.

 “Are you retarded?” & I think “WTF? I’m only wondering what flag it is?” and so I check out his profile and tweets before answering. So I see that he supports Kurdistan, yet there’s no clarification, just a very bad attitude! 

He FINALLY points out what flag it is in the next tweet and gives a load of abuse. It’s difficult to see the Kurdish Sun Logo in the middle.I never once swore at the guy! 

Look at this;

The other person tagged in the tweets gives as much as he’s given! 

No matter the cause….it does help if you can be polite in your explanations. How do you get more support to your cause by talking and tweeting like this? 

I respond back. I admit I made a mistake. I think at the point I sent this tweet, he had already blocked me.

He’s definitely a person that needs to apologise, in my opinon.

This should not be the words people see if they follow someone or engage with that persons tweets to support the Kurds, the YPG, the YPJ or the SDF or prisoners in Iran. All that happened was someone accidentally make a very simple mistake about a flag.

And this is the response……

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