Watch “Dad dies inside when he meets his transgender son” on YouTube

Posted: April 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

The feelings of guilt, that he brought the child up wrong, in his mind, must be overwhelming. Should listen to his |daughter| and become accepting of the person, not what she\her looks like.

It’s the question at the end that all transphobic ppl should think about! What if the wiring inside the mind was naturally female\male specific, yet the body never followed suit and became male or stayed female? Can they imagine the confusion, then feeling of mental unease with ones own body?

Trans people, when they have finished gender reassignment, are modified men(Trans woman) and modified women(Trans men). It is true that their biological status, their DNA will never change. Yet what reassignment does is match up the way the mind is itself, with how it thinks the body should be. It is a dysphoria, that can be corrected cosmetically, hormonally and through surgery.

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