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Pagan communalism

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What is Pagan Communalism?

It is a return to a pre-christian spirituality. It is a rejection of neo-liberal globalist capitalism and far Left regressive authoritarian globalist socialism. It is a return to common sense.

It is an ecological movement. It is a gender egalitarianist movement. It will include both classic feminism(2nd wave) and 1st wave Anérist thinking(non misogynistic men’s rights). Pagan communalism recognises that Femininity is a part of feminism. It is inclusive of LGB(T) rights(Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual. (Trans issues are seen as separate). Pagan Communalism is left leaning, though not anarchistic, as it does support government at a local level and confederalism at state levels.

On the subject of the EU. It does not want to see a United States of Europe, rather a Confederation of European Nations. (Not including Turkey or Kazakhstan).

Pagan Communalism opposes all nuclear weapons and power plants.(Fusion power may be acceptable).

It is supportive of proportional representation.

It seems that when people talk of traditionalism, they include it as an alt-right, conservative or even Far Right preserve. To speak of keeping old customs, ancient heritage and buildings, as well as old values that would have to sit alongside a left leaning, inclusive, intersectional uber progressive, technological society is utter nonsense and is totally incompatible.

I disagree. Firstly, you can be a traditionalist AND on the left. Secondly, with break away self sufficient democratic confederalist communities, you can have multiple societies living next to each other, who have different approaches.

TradLifeOnTheLeft could be a hashtag. Heritagism could be a non-racial civic patriotism.

Criticisms of Marxism

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Wish they didn’t say the Left as if it’s everyone on the Left. Its the Regressive Left, the ignorant Left and the idiotic Left that are doing this. The Redpilled Left and the Woke Left do not agree that Laurn should have been detained.

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