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Ditch the EU! Create not an United States of Europe, but a free Confederation of Europe! 

Bits, pieces, odds and ends ..

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oh My! 

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Malcolm X

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Fisti…er Kristi is again shown to be dishonest….again!

I really recommend not subscribing or following. Ignoring her channel into oblivion would a good start to sidelining her brand of feminism! 

Potato-based logic is bad logic. 
Logan is a potato. 

Yup, I didn’t think what she said was accurate. It was racialist. If you group together and then slander an entire type of people….to belittle and suggest they are morally and ethical degenerate…..that’s racism. They correctly  say that it’s racist when the KKK do it…..and she did similar. It’s Bigoted at the very least!

Still think Tommy has rough edges, Muslimophobia etc, conflating religion and criminality …yet he is starting to be more/watchable on Rebel TV. 
Still haven’t followed him on Twitter, Social media. 

North Korean fail.

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Greens still have potential to change politics, says co-leader.