“Go Back To Europe”

Posted: August 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Why don’t European countries make appeals to US and Canadians who are descendents of 18th, 19th and 20th Century Europeans to “Come Home”?

Both sides would benefit.

If they are truly concenered about avoiding multi ethnic immigration clashes or really desire harmonious integration, then the poor people living in the USA should have a right to return. All those Trump Supporters, alt-right and anti-Islamists concerned with the “imminent collapse of Western Europe ” should be interested in reversing the “Islamic Invasion” of Europe. They must be the vanguard of a European revival. They should return and we should generously receive them back! Christianity would receive a boost. Churches will refill. This New Blood from Old Stock could stave off infertility of the Native European men.

Since we have become part of a globalist USA! USA! community with shared TV programmes, movies and cusine, it should be a quick acclimatization.

Who would object to this? The mother country hugging long lost sons and daughters! This would solve many thorny issues

1- English language obstacles(though American English is somewhat odd at times)

2- The demographic decline of Anglo-Saxon majority in cities like London.(apparently this is a concern)

3-The NHS will have an influx of English speaking, white, anglo-saxon nurses that xenophobic old people will not object to… Much….(Overpaid, Oversexed and Over Bloody ‘ere!)

4-The US will receive British pounds as these immigrants will send home money.  (This will help both economies)

Why havent they done this? It’s a puzzle isn’t it?……..

not really when you remember that making such an appeal to a WASP country is racist!

The politicians would rather us import Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan…..


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