Thoughts on “Diversity” Is a Weapon Against White People”

Posted: August 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s always good to great other views. It’s good to look at what you believe and have a doublethink.

When I watch a video such as this I think

She is correct about some Lefties pushing under the carpet the savagery of the Criminal Communist regime of Lenin and Stalin.

She is correct abut the effect of mass immigration on a homogeneous nation like Latvia.

She is correct about the imposition of “The whole world in Europe” agenda. No one was asked if they wanted to have their streets, villages and cities changed into a non-traditional street, village or city.

She is correct that mass immigration into Europe will change demographics beyond all recognition, yet Somalia will look like Somalia for generations to come. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed? Say the nation of Gambia had a policy of inviting Europeans into their country, with a preferential treatmnent policy(for a hypothetical reason, perhaps the President is half white or somesuch)…..and hundred of thousands arrived….. Would it be Gambia anymore? Lefties would say that it was colonialism all over again.

Gambian culture would be reduced to pockets of those living in the remotest village or to a single block of houses in a street. If the population shifted enough, nationalist Gambians would be speaking of Gambian genocide and the loss of the link to ancestors who built the country up…….(& of course they would be told to shut up and accept the inevitable and to stop being racist!)

Africa has diversity and is respected. The Native Zulus of South Africa aren’t the Native Bushmen of Kenya or the Native Dogon tribe of Mali. The Norwegians are not the same as Macedonians or the Greeks, yet if you mention Native European diversity it is deemed a racist term. These countries did not have colonial empires, so you can not say that they are reaping what they have sown, as in the case of Britain or France. Why must we grey out our cultures, bend over backwards for foreigners?

I don’t want a colourless duvet of a globalized intermeshed Europe, I want a patchwork blanket of vibrant colours, each with their separate square of identity. 


Okay, that was getting into the videos thinking. Have a thought experiment. Try it sometime.  Try to put yourself in anothers thoughts. To see the world from their mind.

What do you think? Is she correct in anything she said or is it all conspiracy and Right wing buzzwords? 


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