I just don’t get it!

Posted: August 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

I just don’t get it,

Why so many people who are pro-democracy, pro-freedom of Speech, pro-women’s Rights, pro-GLBT Rights, anti-domestic violence, anti-strict religious laws, pro-secular and who are in favour of being open, progressive and law abiding can side with

People who hate democracy, hate free speech, hate feminism, hate homosexuality, enforce patriarchal misogyny, want religious law, despise other religions and want to create little highly conservative versions of the human rights abusing places that they came from?

Yet that is what centrists, neo-liberals, inclusive liberals and the Regressive apologetic Left are doing!

(I’m not just talking about Islamic immigrants, yet it is those who are seemingly the main concern.)

Those are the last people to let in!

Maybe it is the fact that the incomers vote for left-leaning parties, such as Labour, because minorities (even though conservative in their own specific society) are highly praised and given a free pass. Voting Labour is instinctively the prefered option as neo-liberal Conservatives are perceived (wrongly) as hostile to immigrants.

The standard “We must redress the sins of our Imperial past” is trotted out again and again! The desperate need to exhibit tolerance above all, to avoid any edgy comment which results in being called racist and the pathological desire to be as inoffensive as is possible has rendered Europe bereft of any ability to counter irrational narratives of globalisation, of denationalization of culture and attacks on heritage. To even suggest a halt to any of those is to get yourself quickly labelled as Conservative bigot, alt-right xenophobic scum or fucking Nazi racist, even though you may actually despise everything else they stand for. Immigration and the necessary tightening restrictions upon it, should not be a right wing monopoly. We know being on the left entails believing in the commonality of humankind, of free movement and ultimately, no borders and *”One World, One Humanity”, yet pragmatic socialism should now prevail. 

The Non-RegressiveLeft must accept that restrictions upon economic migrants is something that must happen. Open borders, internationalism, cosmopolitanism and refugees welcome are fine ideals, yet their time hasn’t come or is thoroughly over. I thought that mass immigration was beneficial and it might have been so in better days (The Boom times), but not now. Brexit, terrorism and government driven austerity cuts have crushed the dream. 

Expecting incoming peoples with different cultures to mix, mesh and co-exist with the host nation is very utopian. True, it happens in many cases, yet it is mostly a toxic event, as the youth on each side see each other as a challenge and the older generation is fearful and suspicious of the other side.

I’m not saying A White Europe is the solution. In fact, I’m against it. I have ideals which drive me to wanting in the future (when the Rest of the World can surpass its pettiness!) No borders, no toxic nationalism, no hate towards any race, a World of humanity at peace with itself, however i would like the current white majority nations to remain white majority nations, as i want black majority countries to remain black and so on. If this is, to you dear socialist reader, seen in terms of “Conservative/Traditional civic nationalistic ethno-nationalism”….. then I’d disagree strongly…it’s Common sense. Gradual intermingling with a united humanity becoming of similar skin tone will occur. This is the future, yet now….I’m afraid, it is not the time for it. It is evident that populations in Europe don’t want what the Liberal elites and Utopian Socialists want. You, dear Socialist reader, have to accept the reality of the current situation. I want a controlled reasonable immigration policy based upon skills and with the goal of civic integration, not multiculturism. I’d want All the nations of the world to do this.

Why am I against Multiculturism you ask? Well, it does not work out as the idealists want it to. Due to the differences, which are engrained, enforced and evangelised…cultures do not really mesh. It is a tussle over who dominates whom. Cusine, architecture, fashion can mix, yet deeply held views, often contradictory, do not. The clash of civilaztions is a War of thoughts. Each side says “My way is the better way”. Religion is the main stumbling point, followed by the progressive vs conservative political dynamic. The result is the inevitable often unconcious segregation of the cultures. The toxic wave of “Them vs us” perminates everything. The resulting self-Ghettoization of minorities (due to politicians not embracing secularism, atheistic talking points and multiethnicism*) in host nations must end!

I want a multi-ethnic Europe with good progressive values. I want a Confederation of European Nations, each country with its separate identity intact and not a Globalized United States of Europe with the result, that apart from architecture, every village could be just another village. I’m not talking about “Our Country, Right or Wrong” or “Our Country is better than yours!”, but a country that retains its general integrity, its unique heritage without stepping upon others or being obliterated by a plethora of competing cultures.

This is seriously my desire, yet this goal seems out of step with many others on the Left.

* multiethnicism – another word for integration. Instead of bringing your culture and promoting it in your new country of residence, an immigrant should put aside values that the host nation does not agree with and, basically, “when in Rome”. It is perceived that immigrants don’t do this and are actively encouraged, by the RegressiveLeft, to retain their cultures, (Cultural Marxism) even if values within those cultures are the antithesis of the host country. For example- Islamic conservative culture permits beatings, enforced covering of women, anti-homosexual sentiments. This is no longer prevalent in Western countries, & yes, I am aware that many of those things do still exist in Western Countries….but the fact is that it is not a widely shared consensus. In fact, a misogynistic, patriarchal, homophobic western male is seen as a dinosaur, if they even dare speak of these things.

I could never be a cultural Marxist as it is plainly evident that Western centred progressive norms and values are better than others. This is not racist or an elitist view….rather the obvious acceptance that most countries on the planet are not as forward thinking as Europeans. They are bound by religion. The struggle against theocracy is key to the success of humanity. We just seem to have gotten to far in front of ourselves (victims of our own social progressiveness) to be in that place where we can accept mass integration by people who are highly religious, especially of religions that are authoritarian and entertain conservative values on its adherents. That’s the bare bones of it! 

                  Toleration of intolerant views is cowardice– Anon.


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