How to approach this

Posted: June 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

You have a religion. It starts off with a man claiming something spectacular and that man, for whatever reason…sincerity, prior honesty or a reputation for stability, is believed by man people. Before long, it’s a cult, then after the man dies, it evolves into a religion, Overtime, this religion evolves, mutates and offshoot denominations will one day arise. The religion is spread by force, by suppression of heretics and apostates. Verses that talk of srelf defence are seen as words of war. 

Then a book is produced. This book is the holy book of the religion. It contains a creation myth, rules and the life story of the founder. The verses of both peace and hate are recorded. It is deemed unalterable and all other versions, with slight textual deviations etc are destroyed. The mainstream Orthodox adherents praise this book as the word of their god. One book, one religion. Everything is square, or as square and fair as things can be. 

Then a schism occurs…some teachings are reinterpreted and this causes division. You have two very similar religions, but with the same book. Each religion says….”we are the true religion and you, the other believers,  are heretics”. They often war with reach other. 

They both read the book, but see it differently. The verses of hate are used to ‘put one over on the other’ and so on. 

Smaller groups then break off from both and claim to be the pure religion, the righteous religion…..etc. These adherents are literalists and use the book to justify their supremacy. They even kill in the name of the book. 

The Orthodox religions, who have, over time, softened their view of the book, condemn this strain of their religion. They may even say “they are not true believers” and “they are interpreting the book in a perverted and twisted way”. For example “if you think ISIS represents Islam, then the KKK represents Christiaity!” …is often said. Yet…this is diversionary tactic..

What the orthodox is truly saying is “these people are literally interpreting the holy book, the book of the founder and our inerrant god, and they do not soften the message, as we CherryPickingTheists do.”

It’s a hard pill to swallow…all religions may start of peacefully, yet many are spread by violence until they reach a natural limit and the tsunami of expansionist zeal abates….these religions moderate their views over time. They interact with other religions and interfaith dialogue becomes the norm. It’s very hard for the leaders to share tea and biscuits when their different religions have verses saying “kill all unbelievers” ….in the interest of peace, stability and civil discourse..these verses are ignored.

The smaller, strains of the religion all maintain that they are the true path, the righteous believers who are strict upon themselves. The mainstream religion is soft weak and degenerate. 

To deny these sects are not “of your religion” or “perverted versions” is not to face the truth that your religion has serious fundamental faults. There can be no “sweeping under the table” or distancing. 

No holy book should remain as it did in the centuries past. The words of peace must be brought forth and not imprisoned and bookended by hateful verses!

Reform your books again. Take out the passages of hate and division. 

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