Atheist burnout?

Posted: June 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Ah well……another good atheist account on Twitter is biting the dust. in 29 days will be no more. Which is a massive, massive loss, as I think Michael has been one of the best godless accounts upon twitter.

Many, many other people also agree with me.

His recent tweets indicate that Social media is taking up too much of his time. That he’d be more productive if he wasn’t wrapped up in debates or dramas. This is fine. I totally understand that. The one thing I don’t understand is the deleting the account part. I mean, if you had only 666 followers and 1313 tweets, then deleting is not too much of a worry. Yet, if you have 20,000+ followers and tens of thousands of tweets, an account of this proportion and influence is. All the good links that you tweeted, all the memes/infographics created and all the simple tweets of conversation with the high and the low will be gone. 

I see that as a great shame. By all means leave twitter, but leave the account active. It may change as persons life. An atheist who has doubts, a christian who has questions or a newbie atheist looking for a good list of godless to follow might find your tweets the most useful. 

Delete the app from your phone or tablet, don’t look back, but keep the account on twitter. 


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