“Troll Watch 4: Tommy Robinson vs. Guardian writer “Tim Fenton”

Posted: May 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

While I do not follow* Tommy/Stephen** on Twitter, I do sometimes have a look at what he is doing. This is because i heard about the EDL many years ago and took an interest in what they were saying. I have also heard him speak on the GSPodcast with the up and coming Social Commentator, http://www.twitter.com/GSpellchecker Stephen Knight.

  • I’ve watched & listened to him speak at the Oxford Union and on The Rubin Report.  I’ve also listened to a few other interviews and have thought about buying his book. At no time have I thought he was a racist. While not consistent on not treading over the Muslimophobia line, he has been very consistent about stating that he has no problem with people of colour or different ethnic background. 
  • I’ve not heard him say derogatory things about black people or Chinese people. I think Pediga even had Indian Sikhs join their movement. Not once have I heard antisemitic remarks.

He has even said (paraphrased) “that it is not multiculturalism that has failed, it is only Islamic culture which has failed multiculturism”. This is something I agree with. 

This new Troll Watch/ challenging of slandering journalists is a very interesting series of videos. It’s very much in the style of The Cook Report. {A tv show with the doorstopping Roger Cook). I do think people do have to back up their claims. As a skeptic/atheist I regularly ask this of theists.

If a journalist states in a national newspaper that so and so is a racist, without backing it up, then that person should have the right to question that. Otherwise the general population will assume these things are true and it is hard to prove otherwise. The journalist, who may have an agenda contrary to the persons actual beliefs has deliberately muddied the waters. It is very dishonest and manipulation of the nartitive. The journalist may even have very little idea of the views, quotes and interviews of Tommy Robinson. Sloppy journalism is not an excuse. 

I made this meme some time ago, but have not tweeted it.

Until otherwise, I believe that Tommy has been correct to challenge those who flatly say he is a racist, with no evidence and that this ‘ism’ cannot be laid at his feet.

“Racist and a bigot”

“Please explain what I’ve said is racist?”

In this show he repeatedly asked “What have I said that’s racist?”

And no one answered! 

(2 Screengrabs from a show about Free Speech) She did not provide any evidence.

On any charges that he is a nazi, this again is unproven. He walked away from the BNP, when he witnessed their colour bar against his friends entry into a meeting. He has POC as friends. He has challenged actual nazis attending Pediga marches and one of the reasons he left the EDL was that there was infiltration of far right wing activists. He supports Israel…which is a very odd thing for a Nazi to do. I also have noted that he has indicated that he has some socialist-leaning working class ideas and supports democracy. I suspect that he would vote UKip in the GE17, though he has also said that he is generally apolitical. He identifies as a British patriot.

Patriotism and civic nationalism is a spectrum and whilst there are some very racist and xenophobic people on the extremes of that spectrum…I can’t really put Tommy there. He sees an encroaching Islamic culture as a threat to gay rights, free speech, democracy and womens rights in the UK. There are a great deal of people who will agree with him.

There is also the tendency of the Left to automatically label many on the right as Nazis and racist, just to avoid discussion of the topics they raise. They know that saying these words casts a social stigma on the person accused. It is an attempt to de legitimise arguments presented by a conservative point of view.

Many socialist minded feminists will not condemn many bad Islamic practices, eg Saudi Arabian guardianship of women,  for fear of coming across as ‘Islamophobic’ to their peers.

This is one thing that Tommy can hardly be said to flinch from.


* I do not follow, because he does tweet out obvious Muslimophobic tweets. (I do not believe they are Islamophobic, as that is a crooked word). He does conflate criminality with the religion of the person. Eg he might say an Islamic bike thief, but I’d say a bike thief of the Muslim faith.

 I’m not saying that I’m an angel and have not done similar, but i try hard to censor out some content which targets the person(Muslim), rather than the belief(Islam)

Also, he has recently been on joint (mis)adventures with Britain First. For myself, B1st is not my cup of tea. (Christian and pugilistic in its tone). This association is enough to prevent my following. If Tommy was an atheist, avoided the more controversial groups, really listened to MaajidNawaz and was consistent on criticising just Islam…I’d happily follow. 

** it is well known that he has various names. 


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