A response to Christian Apologist. 

Posted: May 14, 2017 in Uncategorized


The above drivel is the work of a delusional rationalist. Within the Bubble of Faith I’m sure all this makes sense. To reality though, it is nonsense. 

The above article should have been called “10 good reasons to wishfully think a god exists & make the World a little less scary”.

Starting off with a verse from the buybull*!

“Ask and it will be blah, blah, blah, waffle, waffle…..and so on” – Matthew 7:7

Matthew who? All the Gospels are attributed to….in other words….you don’t really know who wrote the damn things!

To debunk this mess requires only http://www.Evilbible.com

I admit that I think Mr OzAtheist has hit the nail squarely on the head with his reasons, but it is only the intellectual defeatism of ChristianApologist (CA) that prevents her from understanding it.

You see….every question posed to CA  must end in god. The answer can never be a natural one, but always a Supernatural one. Supernatural just means “It’s Magic! I don’t have to explain shit all to you!”

This means that CA will never consider an alternative answer. To do so would crack the entire worldview.

If a religious person was truly rational, then there would be no religious people!


To the first assertion : “Gods timing is perfect” and more people have lived now, than before to hear the gospel.

Well, Scientology can say L.Ron Hubbard’s timing was perfect and more people have lived now, than before to hear about dianetics and Xenu!

A charade to hide no true substance.

What is needed is evidence of A singular, universal creator and then solid Proof that singular, universal creator is indeed your particular god!

Got any? No. If you had, you’d be world famous. Are you world famous? No….didn’t think so. Your assertion of god is wishful thinking.


Christianity has survived against substantial odds…right up to the point it was endorsed by the Roman Empire and all the trappings of power. Rome then enforced religion upon the population.

To deny that Catholicism didn’t stretch out and destroy lives in pursuit of world hegemony is to deny history.

Aquinas has been debunked. A poor deluded man!

The universe has no start date. What the big inflation was the first observable event to be seen, but not the beginning, if there ever was one.

Fine tuning argument has been debunked. Dismissed.

Moral argument. Hmmm, a god that punishes poor, innocent creations that to finite crimes/sins with infinite pain is not a moral god.

Again, using a buybull quote is pathetic. You can always throw contradictory or revealing verses back. Isaiah 45:7 (KJV) can always be used and to the charge…”that was a poor translation!” I can give this link in reply


Any biblical testimony is second hand commentary from one point of recorded view. There may be other views, more rational and informed, that never got written down. 

Extra biblical evidence boils down to interpolation. Books in the hands of monks are readily altered to the taste of christianity. 

No matter how brave the martyrs…it doesn’t make any cause true!

The purpose of life is the birth of the next generation…..that is all.


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