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The Impossible Dove Tail Box

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Grimsby (film) – Wikipedia

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It’s a Marmite film. You’ll love it or you’ll hate it. After a bottle of wine and a couple of beers, I couldn’t stop laughing. Teen humour, outrageous and ridiculous, but funny. Imho. 

Somaliland √



Not mentioned – West Papua√ and Balochistan √


Wallonia √

Tibet√ (not mentioned)

Scotland √


England, including regionalization of Cornwall, Mercia, Yorkshire and Wessesx.√

Katanga √

Siberia √

North West Frontier √

Western Sahara √

I’m very much pro legal separatist.

Faux Antifa are ruining the movement. Proudly antifa(gandhist division)

A christian group that no christian endorses!

A patriotic group with more international followers than true Brits!

Fact is- they need to desist and disband.