What i think of religions.

Posted: April 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Asatruism -Don’t mind it. Positive view of paganism.

Solar religions – Modern versions of neo-atenism are okay. Aztec sacrificial versions are a big no.

Tolkien/Skyrim – Religions based upon the books/game are okay.

Jedism – Don’t mind it. 

Odinism -Don’t mind it unless it references Nazism, then it becomes a walk away time or unfollow Facebook page/Twitter account. 

Sikhism -Don’t mind it. Need to read more about it, but from what I have read, it’s decent.

Bahaism – An interesting attempt to bring people together. Don’t mind it.

Cult of Elvis Presley – fantastic!

Mormons -Crackers(in the British meaning of ‘crazy people’).

Rastafarian – No problem. Still fantastical though.

African witchcraft – nonsense. 

Buddhism -Zen is okay, the rest:  I don’t mind it. Reincarnation is hogwash. Karma is hogwash.

Jainism -Don’t mind it. Non violent attitude. As above. 

Shintoism -Don’t mind it. Very harmonious in its approach. 

Taoism -Don’t mind it. As above.

Zoroastrianism -Don’t mind it. Duality of gods and your soul is the battlefield. By being good you aid the forces of good. Nice idea. 

Wicca -Don’t mind it. I’d join in. 

Shamanism -Don’t mind it, but only from its a good idea as a personal revelation/experience point of view. Mostly Claptrap.

FSM – parody religion. Don’t mind it. 

Confucianism -Need to know more. Currently, don’t mind it. Traditional and statist. 

Scientology -Nope. Cult. Modern made up claptrap! 

UFO cults – Nope. As above.

Freemasonry – Nope, but I’m sure that they do good things for bankers and small business men.

Astrology – Nope. Barking mad.

Tarot readers – as above.

Palmistry – as above.

Hinduism -Only the atheistic parts. Hindu nationalists are concerning from a potential war with Pakistan point of view. 

Statanism – Rationialism = okay, don’t mind the philosophy of libertarianism that it runs with.  Ritualistic = nope. Christian inversion. 

Then the Abrahamic family. All nopes. Only pass I’d give is towards Amish and similar minded communities have the inner conviction and honesty to actually live simply in a christian manner.

Judaism Towards jewish people I have only the God question and circumcision to moan about. I think Jews against Zionism are mostly correct in their view that settlement advancements are wrong, but I also believe that Israel has the right to exist until they unite in a single nation with Palestine. 

Christianity -Protestant. Anglicans who a liberal progressive on lgbt and women as bishops are tolerable. Creationists are crazy. Jesus freaks are insufferable. Speaking in tongue advocates are crazy.

Spiritualism – con artists. No respect of these at all. 

Christianity -Catholic. Nope. Too many problems with this strand of Christianity. 

Islam-Sunni – Maajid Nawaz is okay and how Muslims should be. 

Islam-Shi’ite –


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