WTF is going on with the Atheist/Ex Muslim Left? (work in progress)

Posted: April 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

I follow quite a lot of people on Twitter. I think it’s in excess of 14,000 people. With that amount of people there are bound to be some who will disagree with each other on many issues, as you agree with both of them on other points.

You could be following a Conservative, who is an atheist and a Progressive, who is an atheist. You agree with both on the subject of atheism and maybe both of them agree on a wide spectrum of topics, but they strongly disagree with each other on economics and lifestyles. 

You are left in the middle, as you know if you take one side over the’d be more than likely blocked by the person you don’t support. You like both and want to keep following, but if you declare this person is correct over that other person…then “you’re gone”.

Fence sitting becomes an art form. You don’t reply to certain tweets or you say something non provocative. It can be hard to do.

This is happening on Twitter, with left leaning and liberal atheists. The issues currently are

1-Nazi punching – Yes or No?

2-Dave Rubin – closet conservative or genuine classic ‘left behind’ liberal?

3-Do you support Glenn Greenwald and CJ Werleman or do you support Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris?

4-Are you happily #BlockedByShives?

5-Is GSpellchecker a Nazi white supremacist or correctly calling out AntiFa SJW bullshit? 

Take no.1. With regards to the punching of Richard Spencer, some wholeheartedly enjoyed it and wanted more and some said, vile as he is, he should still be permitted to speak his mind.

[ add info – cover the points]

It seems a divide is upon us

Glenn Greenwald


And Dan Arel and NiceMangos


Sam Harris

Dave Rubin

And Stephen Knight and Michael Sherlock.


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