Short blog on Monolithicness. 

Posted: March 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Anērism and the restoration of Gender Egalitarianism –

Above is my earlier blog on the subject.

Gender Egalitarianism and its two subsets of feminism and Anērism.The are non overlapping. If that has to be restated.

Feminism is not monolithic. This is my response to Milo [Very long Greeksurnams”Feminism is Cancer” quote. His quote is quite hideous.

“Which feminism is cancer?” should have been the response. Certainly, not the first wave? It gave rights and votes to disenfranchised women. Surely not second wave? It gave more working rights, social and economic freedoms and reproduction rights to millions of women.

So….It must be third wave feminism that’s cancer? Right?..not quite!

Third wave seeks to be assertive, (just like men are)and intersectional, meaning to give rights to women of colour and include itself in other issues.Everything is connected. 

Yet feminists disagree on so much. Look at Transgender rights. Some see trans as an excuse for men to escape reality and others think that its totally legitimate. 

With this division alone, it’s proof that feminism is not a monolithic idea. Here’s another, ask two feminists about prostitution and you may get two opinions. One for and one against. Another division is, do men still face inequalities? Some feminists recognise that they do and want to help and other feminists would say no.

“Feminism” is not cancer and it is not monolithic. Hold those two thoughts in your head. It is possible.


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