Europe is a testbed for Globalism.

Posted: March 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Is Europe, the world?

Is this a strange question to start this article? I don’t think so. It needs to be asked. It’s a question of our times. The answer impacts us all, it truly does. It will envelope our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

If you understand it, then you have probably decided that the answer is being fought out in every political area across Europe. Europe is on the knife edge.

Consciously, (or unconsciously*), Europe is being used as a new, modern testbed for globalism and the blurring {some would say “total eclipsing”} of European and national identity. This process, this amazingly brazen social experiment, will also be rolled out in Africa, the Middle East, India and China, over the next 150-200 years as they become more affluent.

The United States of America is already “melting pot of the world”. The 1st Globalized system. The thin façade of ‘American’ covers a multitude of ethnicities, cultures and colors of skin. The original inhabitants have been dispossessed of their land, moved aside physically and marginalized politically. This is the destiny of ethnic Europeans, it seems. Europe is already becoming another melting pot, but it will be far more radically ‘melted’ over the coming decades. Not much will stop it either. The odd setback (Brexit) or movement (Xenophobically driven) will stand in its way. It however is a steamroller. 

Immigration will change Europe. This is not a racist statement. It is a fact. Nationalism, seen by the Left as “the fuel of war”, must die, be replaced and forgotten, is the one guiding thought. What better way is there to kill rivalry, hatred, false division and colonialism between nations than to blur all racial distinctions? Creating a new internationalistic, no single colour, socially blended monoculture that has no reason to fight each other.

It will be so thoroughly implemented that from Iceland to Greece and from Lisbon to Helsinki you will not find high concentrations of white, black or brown only communities. European identity will vanish and so will borders. English may again(see the USA) be the single strongest language of that culture. The United States of Europe, to be followed by an United States of Africa, Central and South America, Middle East, India, South Asia and Pacifica. 

Very few countries will be allowed to survive this mixing of population, politics and society. It would be a strong country that would resist it. China perhaps.(it is the oldest continuous civilization in the World) It will be so universally pushed that the end result, in perhaps 2350CE, would be an United States of Earth. It would be a New World Order, but not as the Right wing and Conspiracy nuts think it is today.

It could be Democratic, liberal and free. It could be an oligarchy and a clear class distinction will be maintained. Robots will replace humans in the workplace, that is not in question. Unless a UniversalBasicIncome is in place, there will still be vast population inequalities. There may continued freedom of the press or the illusion of it. 

Will this system be a good thing or a bad thing? That is one question. It will be neither, in my view. The people will carry on doing much as before. Thoroughly race mixed, integrated and homogeneous. The other questions would be

 who benefits? Always the rich.

who will control this system? Always the rich.

will it bring peace and prosperity to everyone? Only the rich.

What do we do now? Do we embrace it as an idealistic shift towards a Sagan/Roddenberry Type 1 civilization or fight it, as the Right/alt-right are doing? They see it as the beginning of the loss of true diversity, the degradation of natural segregation of proples by countries, by race, culture, religion and the maintenance of values started by our forefathers.

Do you fight for the former or for the latter? Or are you indifferent?

I’m saying to the last and the first question, Yes. It’s too far gone.

What will be is what will be.

* unconciously – It may be that governments are under an illusion that immigration can be controlled. It could be slowed by strict rules, deportation or violent repression. That would only be temporary. The slip towards the globalization of Europe is too far advanced.  


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