“Steve Shives: The Respect Nazi”

Posted: March 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

Why do i post Anti-Shives videos?

It’s because

1/ I’m not on Youtube, but these people say (generally) exactly what I think about Shives channel and content.

2/ I’m a progressive, feminist, socialist, anti-White supremacist wh disagrees with Shives. He does not represent me. He is not my voice. He speaks for a tiny clique of dogmatic, virtue signalling, feminist* atheists.

3/ He blocked me for trying to help him (Yes, I really did!) and I realized how shallow, dishonest and closed minded he was.

4/ it amuses me. See 1,2 & 3.

5/ to redpill the world and its dog, on the importance of unsubscribing and unfollowing his Social Media. Make him irrelevant.

6/ The person who first promoted him, Darkmatter 2525, regrets giving Shives a boost on his channel, because of the way he turned out. 

*His feminism is basically “what I say on the subject is consistently correct and if you don’t agree, you are an anti-feminist, anti-sjw, MRA white supremacist, Sargon supporting peice of shit!” 


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