Chewstroke: Art and apparel

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Who is Chewstroke?

Think Graffiti, think hoodies, shirts, caps, beanies and making a Buck or two via Social Media. There’s also the naked self-promotion, BMX’s and excessive litter-bugging and fly-postering in areas of Surveillance! 

Ditch your 9-5 existence! #Stencilling

I stumbled across Chewstroke when I joined/followed in late 2012. is an account who dicovers, from signed up members, great tweets and interesting people to follow. Favstar (including @FavstarHelp @favstar1000favs & @FavstarOfTheDay) give out stars on reaching a certain amount of RTs and Favs. One of your tweets may be picked as Tweet of the day. It’s for the sassy, sarcastic and self-appointed comedians of twitter.

Check him out and give him a follow/and your money.

Use the hashtags #Chewstroke #Chawsome #ChewCrew #StreetArt #Graffiti #Stencilling 

++Everybody should be Chewin’ & a Strokin!++


Youtube See- Chewstroke update: Special report 


Chewstroke is one of the Twitterers that doesn’t have too many fake followers. In fact, 99% real is very  impressive for an account at 10k!

He’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Articles on Chewstroke:

Dead Planet: Shout out to



Chewstroke interview


Fuck you!


I’ve followed Chewstroke for a very long time. His tweets are irreverent and NSFW. I like the fact that he’s using twitter to sell his stuff, show his artwork and gather like-minded Chewers from all over the World. I have created a few memes featuring his Logo from time to time. I hope he does well and stays away from the Wage Slavery of the 9 to 5 grind.

I occasionally forget I’m following him, then remember (at random times), crash back into his twitter timeline, then i fuck off till the next time.

All images-via Chewstroke™

Chew. Stroke. Repeat.

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